Email Sent To Publisher of iOS Games Apps

SuperCell (publisher for iOS game apps)

hi !

how do You relate to someone who doesn’t like games ?  ( games just get on me nerves )

as a writer and monitoring the mobile industry and mobile platforms apps, i came across Your business name being one of the publishers for mobile platform games and unlike individual developers submitting to apple app store staffs , apps with no real and authentic copyright registration (i.e: registered with int’l copyright and patents management organization) i convinced myself You may actually submit regular copyrighted game apps and i also convinced myself to enquire for some more details in connection with Œ mark (confomite’ europe’enne ) and declaration of conformity for products distributed to E.U consumer market. (mainly US)

we may or may not assume apps distributed on Apple App Store are actually “embedding” or carrying a Œ mark for the iPhone and “App Store” stock app , are actually covered and even further we may (or may not) assume there is a inherent declaration of conformity for the aforementioned reason however, i still cannot figure out import/export tax payment occurring for games or standard apps submitted to Apple “on-line retail” staffs in the U.S (i doubt it Apple has staffs in E.U for developers/publishers submitting their apps) and to guarantee the EU consumer market for genuine products and adapted to the EU consumer market.

NOTE: unlike Apple Hardware, software apps cannot be assembled in Europe then there are no parts Apple can import to the EU  import/export-tax free for “shipment “. ( software import/export tax is  license based or  End User License based)

take care,



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