Catholic Church of Rome (the pope) Was Jewished – DRAFT

following to and in connection with recent development when researching around in london (UK), we are TODAY presenting a new analysis and some details to provide evidence of socialism-communism in place within  the “city of london” and even all around the EU (28 member states) however, social-communism trend taken to catholic background member states and in particular republic of ireland, republic of italy, poland and spain.
after spending just over 4 months away from London and to gather evidence for presentation and confirmation of strong socialist-communist background and culture presence all around EU, i made return to London (UK) and started with a holiday week b4 getting myself into even more reporting work and to alert the European Commissions MP’s, EuroParliament  and even court magistrates in Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands and the European Council institution members, we are TODAY getting even more concerned about socialism and communism aggressively presenting symptoms in our own societies and negatively affecting the life of all of US. (i.e: capitalism society in western europeans union/countries)

the very first tiny, little evidence of socialism-communism taking the lead and contaminating thus negatively affecting citizenship of London, (UK ) was a real leather wrist band gone lost/stolen while was firmly worn on my wrist still, taken off me with a subtle movement when approaching me in one of the main subway stations of London and to ask for directions i promptly denied.
Similarly, while shopping at a store to get some cashback off my debit card, a chewing gum was placed on my laptop case to annoy and frustrate even more and yet making worse a blue mood for a present from family was lost.
All of the above comes together with a planned and rented accommodation for which we paid in advance and worth of three months work in London still, keys for the apartment were not delivered or more likely were lost or stolen in the lobby at the old address where keys were supposed to be delivered, a additional cost for US then ( £50 ) on top of budget was spent to get myself into a accommodation (even temporary one) and to be ready for work on a monday morning after my holiday week.
whilst  “enjoying” holiday we also gathered EU law and regulators deny the publishing of methods and chemist remedies when using natural herbs and a fine may be charged as a warning to whoever commit law infringement. Despite the obvious all of US can “read” and to benefit pharmaceutical companies and industry producing and distributing remedies, there is also in place a way to have ‘independent” and autonomous Phd’s willing to share know – how and their knowledge with others and by means of publishing on a internet website, paying a fee to the EU regulators and monitor ( whether small or large is irrelevant ) and just like any other industry “actor” for pharmacy and chemist business does .
there is however a lack of general knowledge and understanding regulators ( EU ) actually tend to protect the citizenship/consumer market in the EU (28 member states ) and against fraud or even against malpractice when in connection with suggestions or the publishing of methods for remedies to common disease symptoms. Suggestions often written by catholic community members to cause pain and even more severe illness in the medium and long term period of time and always written to admit as legal and acceptable for themselves (catholics), import/export of “herbs” and  the market establishment for a segment of the consumer market in the target  for merchants business (catholic’s) writing and publishing methods for remedies to common seasonal disease.
citizens in general have very wrong perception and incorrect ideas when relating to the EU parliament and government or regulators and accusations or blame, were often heard for the EU extension bringing socialism culture into capitalist societies and to western european countries/member states in addition, citizens moan all the time now about restriction or denial of some of the citizenship rights and even human rights as a consequence.
Citizens in EU cannot clearly see instead the benefit of a central parliament already elected through universal call of native EU citizens and the benefit of a central government or regulators with the purpose for protecting EU/USE societies members and consumer market. Unfriendly ideas in relation to the parliament  in brussels and to regulators or European Commission even, appear to benefit in fact the anarchical behavior and attitude of catholic background countries/member states and their communities and for the latter, to get away with the so obvious lack of high level of education still enabling themselves (catholics) to carry out tasks for  “taking care” of issues and problems in place of regulators and magistrates.
in brief: catholics are spreading around the wrong ideas of lawmakers for the EU parliament passing unreasonable bills and with an aim ( for catholics ) to be entitled to breaking the law and negatively affect the life of non-catholic background communities citizens. Catholics in addition  spread around ideas and messages accusing the EU parliament of taking rights away from citizens whereas it’s the actual catholic community taking initiatives in place of regulators and magistrates and then indeed refusing rights to EU native citizens.
A lack of general knowledge and in connection with tax law across the 28 member states has also emerged and catholics, are currently taking advantage of unawareness by “prohibiting” or precluding industries members and companies lowering tax pressure by simply moving legal office and administration to a more convenient place (member state)  allowing consultants and directors then,  to file tax return in a member state which is different from the place of work and including rent and utility bills as costs and expenses on the tax return, leaving consumer tax (VAT or sales tax) and council tax only (for tasks among which garbage collection and roads cleaning ) to account for tax pressure when, joining book-keeping agencies and then their network of non-profit organizations (NoPO) with accountants hired for invoicing and collecting payments, paying for rent and settling bills as well as accountants hired for the purchasing of goods with volume discounts advantage avail and for large network of NoPO.
A threat against  local communities and governments ( mostly catholics P.A employees and clerks )  was then recently presented by informing the citizenship of EU, the current condition and set-up of the union itself allows tax-payers to zero their income tax when filing tax returns and for most income tax. (i.e: in order to make pressure on the 28 member states and for speeding up and to keep developing the U.S.E constitution, we are ready and ready to place bans on products that DO NOT meet Conformite Europeenne requirements and in the broader sense, products and goods carrying or embedding malicious “load” for the EU citizens and placing then orders with NoP.O organization network and their purchasing offices for equivalent items that can also be imported into EU when purchased with import/export tax paid and at a discounted price. We are then ready to claim expenses/costs or losses to reduce money availability for catholics working in the p.a. and introducing very soon our own representatives for the EU parliament  who do NOT need a job to make it a living and then working with NO Profit Organization arrangements.
we had to make statements then (for our own safety) we now follow “NO Profit Organization” SYSTEM to regularly clear bank accounts balance, to STOP paying income tax and falling then outside the target class of victims of sequester and ransom requests. (i.e: avoiding sequester and avoiding getting ripped off regularly by means of spending and investing money to zero bank accounts balance and every three months)
awareness of the increased irregular currency in circulation ( Euro currency )  has TODAY spread around communities TOO leaving all of US with the understanding the EURO currency is a actual fraud and clearing doubts now, on reasons why regular cleaning and maintenance tasks and activities for public properties, are OFTEN no longer appointed by P.A clerks and employees/OFFICERS unless there’s possibility for harming others.
To prevent inflation from exploding for high availability of money supply across societies members,  P.A clerks and officers also delay payments and settlement of invoices/bills for private industries companies and members in addition, P.A clerks often DO NOT appoint maintenance and cleaning tasks, (exceptions apply) or DO NOT appoint maintenance and cleaning tasks with appropriate remuneration, to avoid the introduction of an effect (inflation exploding) confirming evidence of irregular money supply (in connection with EURO currency)
Currency in circulation (euro currency) being irregular and in the hands of catholic community members is also confirmed by US being skeptical and resistant to investing in EU (TODAY with socialist- communist trend) and investing in emerging markets (such as china) and industries across asia instead, investing furthermore in U.S (USA) where they can still make GOOD money when USA get called to go to war, a well paid “business” by any revolutionary government claiming a will for establishing democracy.

EU citizens being exposed to socialism-communism  was also confirmed by reports stating irregular work related activities and tasks by telecommunication companies which currently are blaming the agencies (NSA and the corresponding national security agencies in EU) for monitoring and spying on EU citizens. (i.e: data encryption and a separate encrypted database with records about internet browsing and activities of EU consumer market members, is NOT  implemented; requests for court orders in order to start monitoring and making observation of EU consumer market members internet usage are NOT present; user permissions for files and folders/directories in a TELCO company operating system are NOT implemented then giving the necessary opportunity to anyone in the very same company (including consulting services members of staff), to have access to confidential data and information circa EU native citizens/consumer market members; for accountancy purpose telco companies managed by catholic background communities members, DO manually implement or move records for the end-consumer telecommunication system usage and with an aim for taking advantage of leftover  minutes, texts and data allowance that get credited to others,  often TELCO staff members friends and family or p.a. clerks and officers,  creating a statistical error that cannot be rectified on reports and moreover profiling users and end-users/consumer market members with incorrect information and data).


it’s now official,  none of US longer needs to apply for job positions among Catholics (… and definitely all of US can stay away from job applications with a company when run or owned by catholic community members )

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