Humanity Can Go the Hell !

 “Dirty Capitalist” Investment Banking System, Investment Funds And Group Pension Schemes, Related Insurers.

– This Is What We Are Like and What We Take Care Of –

Being myself supported and “financed” runner for “first president of United States of Europe”, supported by the consumer market entirely,  by  “DIRTY” capitalist banking system, by rich and wealthy native europeans as well as Uni graduates, with real and authentic Uni degree (or a master degree and equivalent level of education).  Even supported by NSA (national security agencies), USA government administration and then US military forces, and in a long time also supported by one of the largest multinational law firm with experts for mergers and acquisitions, with very current project and goals for merging or making acquisitions, among the churches of northern E.U member states, their inherent businesses (i.e: banks, media and television networks, NO Profit Organizations politics, private educational systems, universities).

all of US as a whole are not currently taking into consideration co-operation with merchants such as the catholics, (catholic rep. of ireland, rep. of Italy, Poland and Spain ) and we’re leaving to catholics (on this occasion and temporarily for them to develop and gather sufficient level of education) tasks and work-related activities only, for serving the consumer market members.

“training on the job” , a learning process for catholics development and to fully understand what capitalism is all about, a way for catholics to progress and to achieve appropriate culture ( i.e : habits and attitudes) to allow catholics to live and work with and among US.

matter of fact in a society based upon capitalistic system, for western european countries (member states) and soon for USE entirely, United States of Europe,  with a strong aversion to socialism and communism addicted groups, and aversion to socialist communities, the U.S.E capitalistic system is already in the works for “REDUCING” weighting of catholics in the aforementioned catholic background member states.

All of US are then making investments When, Where and in Whatever way is more convenient, regardless of what catholic church of rome and their communities members have to say, and we can in addition  make good use of deportation and confinement/conviction, away from EU  borders when trouble makers  ( the catholics ) and also extending deportation and confinement, even to citizens who were born in the aforementioned catholic background EU member states.

NOTE: acknowledge italians, (and catholics in general then rep. of Ireland , Poland and Spain ), catholics will have no opportunity and no “room” has to be expected,  in the central government administration for U.S.E  (for United States of Europe).

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