United States of Europe (what all of US are like ?)

on this occasion we would like to report Your own barista’s and till attendants rather awkward attitude, in a store located @ Juxon House-St.Paul’s Church Y – St. Paul’s Church Yard
London, ENGLAND, EC4M 8EH.

Despite training and education for the benefit of friendliness when relating to customers and clients, we are TODAY going through a process requiring very sensitive or careful handling and for the change within the EU region to happen, ( 28 member state ), setting rules and regulations then for the benefit of our own consumer market members (and including native-EU citizens.)
A rather not acceptable attitude of clerks and employees approaching customers by means of   “My friend “,  was in place today at the aforementioned store at 5.30 PM “ish” on easter monday. In order to achieve strong and solid capitalist background for the region soon USE (United States of Europe) and erasing socialist-communims for the benefit of a co-operation bween merchants and businesses (operating in any of the 28 member states) and the government administration soon with a appropriate president for the USE with non-catholic background, we have now started reminding and alerting all businesses who still want to operate under U.S.E jurisdiction to improve and compensate for the insufficient recruiting standards and for members of staff.
Just like with any business within pharmaceutical industry distributing remedies and methods to the consumer market members in the EU region (28 members states), there’s ” fee ” to pay to regulators and then government administration for the EU (soon U.S.E) and for food and beverages distribution. (i.e: nothing comes for free in solid, sound and strong capitalist background nation, not even the opportunity to run for the position of “first president for the U.S.E ” and supported by: EU consumer market members, group pension schemes providers and related insurance companies, investment banking system or “DIRTY” capitalist banks system, investment funds, National Security Agencies, the rich and wealthy natives of European Union, Uni graduates with real and authentic degree and master degrees or equivalent level of education, USA government administration and  supported even by one of the largest multinational law firm with experts for mergers and acquisitions and with the very current aim for merging or making acquisitions among the churches of northern members states in the E.U and their inherent businesses : banks; media and televisions; NO Profit Organizations politics; private educational systems; universities)

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