The Locusts Order

EUSOTATODAY , we’re reporting even more concerning events around the city of London (UK) and to give all of US further confirmation then ALERTS, about socialism communism in place and spreading all over the EU (across 28 member states), through and with the help supposedly capitalism businesses provide , (however renamed merchants for the sake of clarifying to the audience and to alert citizens of western european member states and their societies) by employing and giving the opportunity to socialist-communists, to live and work among US . (the already “United States of Europe” compliant member states)


We cannot really tell whether it was food/beverage poisoned (contaminated) @ a starbucks store or mcdonald’s and served to US on Wednesday, April 23rd either early in the morning in a cup of tea and later in the afternoon while consuming caramel iced frappe’s. Contaminated food also served on Sun. April 27th, in the early morning while on a “late” shift for “data capture”, (i.e: the scan process for analysis). We spent however awful nights with symptoms such as pain in the stomach, lightheadedness and burning skin sensation and we could barely work things out correctly the following days not to mention, we didn’t feel like eating anything for over 24hrs.

Ever since we started analysis and reporting for the E.U (brussels parliament commissions and regulators then the government) and to have starbucks and mcdonald’s members of staff in the stores to satisfy conditions for compliancy constraints and with E.C (European Commission) regulations , (i.e: CE, Confomite’ Europeenne “marking” for members of staff just like we have it in place already, for any other product/item in the store), to have then merchants start serving the community and consumer market members rather than raising voice or head above them, we also started to encounter problems with food-poisoning or contamination and it has now become more and more obvious.

Reality happens to be more of a drug/medication starbucks and mcdonald’s in-store staff’s at the counter, add to drinks and food they serve and often targeting government representatives, consulting companies advisors working for the government and even MP’s. This practice in place in the aforementioned companies stores will now initiate official investigations and all over the USE/EU ( 28 member states ), to gather additional details around the “communication network and system” starbucks and mcDonald’s in-store employees use (criminal associations).

The aim of this investigation is rather defined to learn and understand whether this socialism-communism trend, is also extended to H.Q (headquarters) offices and to directors in the companies or if it’s instead, a initiative taken by the stores staff’s and their management.

The effect of investigation will raise a matter for discussion or consideration such as the details for lawmaking,  regulating then the entire EU/U.S.E region and in connection with employment and recruitment policies for fast-food suppliers and in general for “food and beverage” distribution, in order to have staff at the counter turnover be very high and for in-store staff’s also. We need regulating and pass bills then for “food and beverage”/”fast-food” suppliers and industry, to have policies in place when recruiting in-store staff members, moving and relocating staff’s from store to store across the 28 member states venues and franchise retail network every six months or, three months better.

We might even regulate in order to have members of staff dismissed from in-store tasks after six months from their employment start date and, in order for US to prioritize when caring for the health & safety of citizens members and consumer market members within the USE/EU. Similar constraints are current for chemists and pharmacies staff’s in places like ireland and we gathered, reasons to have such policies are pretty much similar that is, staff members at the counter used to take initiatives and often injure customers by means of supplying or not supplying drug and medication.

The “mafia-like” attitude of starbucks and mcdonald’s employees, their persecutions in place against difficult clients need  to be stopped then and in particular immigrants from countries that are NOT part of the EU (28 member states), should be employed for tasks and activities that are less likely to cause injure to E.U native citizens members.


bear in mind ignorant catholics from italy, poland and spain, (i even suspect they also come from latin america and hide by means of stating they are from spain), are after me and trying to negatively affect with instability and unbalanced behavior when serving drugged/contaminated food or drinks, and by means of corrupting their own links or connections working in the aforemetioned companies stores. The investigation raising matter for discussion such as details for lawmaking and then regulating, also needs to alert all of US when considering whether “United States of Europe” compliant member states yet, are TODAY in a position for requesting and expecting the minor member states of the UNION to RESIGN and voluntarily leave.


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