Catholics Are No Longer Welcome To The ” World Of Capitalism “

to cut the story short: i was out in the city of london early on sat. morning to grab a cup of coffee and then change a fiver  to get some pound coins for “doing my own laundry”, sometime in the day. i  then walked into a cafe’ i am a regular and placed my order, paid with a fiver and left the 10p change for the charity box, i asked then to drop some water from the cup of coffee into the sink and to add some more cold milk instead, for coffee was too hot for me. I got a bit of a attitude

 in reply from the thai lady in the cafe’ however, i wasn’t really bothered or annoyed for we have known each other for some time and i took that as a bit of a joke from a asian lady, (zen teachings) .
a guy who followed me and later claiming he is russian, started harassment stating in a aggressive way   ” coffee comes hot and that is the way it is ,  i shouldn’t have been that fussy with coffee”, and the russian then stepped in the middle of my discussion with the thai lady.
the whole argument started up ’cause it’s NOT acceptable a immigrant raising voice and head above native-EU citizens and after i got pushed, verbally attacked and almost fell on the floor for the russian shot out his foot trying to trip me up, i suggested the russian guy to go back to his own country for we (native-EU citizens) , don’t want  “troublemakers and a piece of SIT of an immigrant”,  stepping in the middle of a native-EU citizen private or public business.
i even had to call 911 to care about myself and to make this guy understand, his behavior standing up for a woman and a immigrant woman even, was just out of place . While on the phone with the police officer i finished up coffee, left the details of the place and went off for my laundry.
– socialists communists are NOT TRAINED AND NOT  EDUCATED  to never step into someone else’s business.
– evidence of socialism-communism addicted,  around the city of London (U.K) being “troublemakers” and making problems and issues appear, for someone stepping in the middle of a conversation/discussion of others (i.e: ignorant  middle class), is a offense and a insult for all citizens and members of societies based on principles and foundations for the “world of capitalism”. (anglo-american university)
– evidence socialist-communist countries or member states in Europe, are NOT ready for U.S.E.  Standing up for a woman, even a immigrant woman and a complete stranger when there was no danger for the woman and NO emergency requiring calling 911 ( to avoid omissions ** accusations ), confirms socialist-communists are WAITERS. (i.e: serving women, servers, attending women, helping women, protecting women, “standing up” for women)
– for i was called a “RACIST” against russians, it’s worth mentioning U.S.E does not acknowledge racism when “discrimination” is EVENTUALLY in place against a non-EU native and, racism is acknowledged instead when “discrimination” is EVENTUALLY in place and against a native-EU citizen member only however, against a individual who belongs to a non-european ethnical group. (those two conditions need to be satisfied for RACISM to be eventually acknowledged)

** ref.:  Omissions in English criminal law
The omissions of individuals are generally not criminalised in English criminal law, subject to situations of special duty, contractual duty, and the creation of dangerous situations. Whilst other jurisdictions have adopted general statutory duties to rescue,[1] it is not recognised in English law that an individual has any duty to assist strangers in situations of peril. Proponents of the current legal position regard it as wrong for the criminal law to punish individuals for committing no physical act, which it is argued would be an infringement on human autonomy.[2]

NOTE: we do NOT wanna have anything to do with Socialist – Communists


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