A Real President


in order to bring to the surface well hidden symptoms of devastation caused by socialism-communism and catholic-communism all around the places in London, (UK), we are TODAY reporting to the consumer market members (end-consumers), a even more absurd story that’s the effect of having allowed eastern european countries citizens into our own “World of Capitalism” region and, right after all of US helped taking the berlin wall down on the basis, NAZI movement members  had learnt their lesson. ( as well as catholic-fascists in fact, they haven’t learnt anything in over 70 yrs and still pursuing criminal offenses and felonies against NOT only the Jewish communities, and against “World of Capitalism” citizens members in western EU countries/member states as well )
below more details of a report that ‘s already been circulated to some groups of EU parliament members , ( from the UK ) and circulated to EU regulators as well as to anti-trust court magistrates, allowing  “Union Bureau of Investigation” officers to start with official investigation.

to cut the story short please note:  in london (UK) these days, image of *$$ stores is no longer recognized a asset for such an american multinational company. Very likely Your members of staff DO NOT take care enough of and DO NOT develop appropriate communication skills then telling customers and clients loads of “bullshit” and  thinking, *$$ stores employees can always get away with lies turning staff members in the end,  nowhere close to  a “round” representative of a business.

in brief : just TODAY in a still different store of London and where i was grabbing a cup of tea B4 my eve shower back @ my GF’s, *$$ members of staff showed inadequate communication skills in picking messages up such as:   ” STD T with ROOM 4 MILK “. Unfortunately on this occasion i can’t tell whether that was someone from Poland or from Spain instead, (who can’t even read english).

We do can tell however, the EU regulators and together with advisors of  companies supplying consulting services to many lawmakers groups and parliamentary commissions @ the EuroParliament in brussels, the magistrates in Luxembourg and Netherlands, have now started investigations over  *$$ stores members of staff operations for it often occurs, some store’s staff members are NOT regularly employed (i.e: NOT registered with the company at times and for a short period of time, B4 they disappear hidden somewhere in EU). These impostors are actually pretending to be former employees who left the company  however , the latter pay slip still get processed @ the headoffice and money sent to the bank account then.  Getting paid with a pay slip in the name of someone else and providing fake means of ID when collecting payslip and wage , apparently when opening a bank account too and then sending notifications to the head office for change of bank details (UK sort code and account number) .

At times store management is also involved in identify theft and fraud omitting notification to the headoffice for employees leaving the company and getting a “friend” to pretend being someone else.

We strongly suggest at this point to review statistical data and information for store staff’s and update then,  Your “low staff turn over” propaganda.

To minimize these impostors keeping a job they were not even trained for, we also strongly suggest to pull data from *$$ stores employees database, listing whoever changed bank account details and address details in the same period of time, on a separate list then pull employees and staff members data and information for whoever changed bank details and have not changed the address details however, financial institutions for  those current accounts hold different address details.  (credit check companies co-operation may be required for those tasks).

One more task to carry out is sending letters to postal addresses provided when stores staff”s and employees joined the company and to those staff members who, never changed address details and bank account details since; ask then the latter stores staff members to contact the company headoffice team. (i.e: for employees letters get sent to and to a address that never changed in starbucks database and, employees who do NOT contact the company head-office, investigation by internal auditors is required to start immediately and to find out whether those very staff members are currently working in any store). We suspect NOW immigrant impostors are working with no remuneration and in exchange of a residency eligibility instead, obtained by means of  identity theft/fraud and leaving behind the wage/salary to real former starbucks employees.  We also have data and information about impostors getting wage/salary paid into a bank account however, impostors paying almost half of their salary/wage to some store staff members for the latter to cover identity fraud/theft and to keep the work position. (these last events occur in particular where italians, polish and spanish employees have raised to a position of management in the company and when they form a mafia-like criminal association, recruiting vulnerable employees then demanding payment to hire the latter).

The above initial effort in tracking impostors down may or may NOT be sufficient, for government institutions and regulators authorities in the EU, to allow *$$ companies group “to keep the job” ( keep a business open ), in any of the EU member states; The company will also be required to adhere EU regulations and rules for at the moment, there’s a on going anti-trust law breach within the hiring process. (i.e: unfair competition in connection with candidates applying for *$$ stores job positions and “mafia criminal-association”/”group boycott” in connection with the hiring process).

we regret to inform  *$$ company in the EU, has regressed to a stage where they can no longer act on behalf of government institutions for taking care of training and education of staff members, supervising and keeping under control the immigration waves, monitoring and neutralizing capitalism threats as well as neutralizing mafia-like criminal associations in place and with members among *$$ employees. (all of the aforementioned tasks and activities are part of company social responsibility ).

*$$ company in addition, can no longer guarantee food handling for the E.U consumer market is accurate and appropriate according to E.U regulators and HACCP training then, we are TODAY reviewing opportunities to reinstate state/government licenses assignments for “food and beverage” provisions and premises;  Licenses purchased from the EU government institutions, for control and tracking purpose and in order to enforce companies and businesses, to obtain permissions and authorizations for trades and operations in the E.U ( 28 member states ).



as stated above, *$$ employee is no longer a “round” and a ALERT  is being sent out to the consumer market members, (end-consumers for EU and the 28 member states),  to grant options and choices on whether end-consumers still want to establish trust relationships with *$$ company and the very likely careless staff members.


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