Breach in The Capitalist Banking System Within EU

  breach in the capitalist banking system within EU. it happens in London ( England ), while entering into a bank branch where…..
 we hold current accounts and while performing tasks for our day by day ( routine ) custom at the cashiers. we have to deal now with employees (of bank  branches in london and england) who are actually originally from russian federation.This wouldn’t be much of a problem if  they were trained and educated to frame themselves in front of customers and clients of the retail banking system however, it appears russian federation citizens have started “taking the piss” out of customers and clients and by means of introducing unlikely personal bankers ( unlikely real and authentic personal bankers dealing with clients random requests)  and introducing instead their friends or people they are related  (i.e: identity fraud and theft) to test and evaluate with real clients if,  they can actually replace former employees who leave the bank branch, with their own connections. (connections eventually  “paid” by russian federation citizens to mess around with customers bank accounts). in brief: bank branches staff have started recruiting without authorizations and permissions of a bank management in the head-office and in addition, have started recruiting against the rules and regulations of FSA, british authority regulating and monitoring financial institutions such as the banking retail system and for the safety and security of retail banking system clients , customers and the latter investments.

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