World War Next, Why Has All That Happened

SAIAOn Jun 28, 2014, at 7:58 PM, alex andraj wrote:

with an aim for adding journal entries and for whoever will be reading some posts and articles written to allow tracing of events and milestones when “ building U.S.E up ”  (united states of Europe) and to understand better why, the very likely World War Next this time, might have wiped out most humanity on planet hearth.

in brief:

at some point in development Rich and Wealthy nations belonging to and following capitalism gave a hand to africa, a.k.a: Third World Countries continent ***
The financial support to part of african continent however, came with having allowed citizens of that continent to move and relocate to Europe (today European Union, 28 member states) and with the very unwelcome help (unwelcome for northern europe and “nations of capitalism”) of the vatican state (a.k.a: the catholic church of rome). A church that is very much appreciated by and with a target among lower class or middle class* citizens of this planet.


Lower and middle class citizens/members on earth, basically a category of people defined as “without a university degree”, Real and Authentic university degree** and lower and middle class members without skills and abilities then, to start their own ways (legit ways and in accordance with law makers regulations) to make it a living such as starting their own business, relying instead on public funds and state support, relying on their church support and relying on some fairly large organizations (companies) giving them a chair where to sit for about 7 hrs and 35 mins/day and for about 5 days/week and again, in most advanced economies countries, up to 50 weeks/year.  All of the aforementioned support by church, state and fairly large organizations also includes for catholic lower and middle class members, a small/tiny amount of money at the end of each working week/month and defined as wage/salary. (NOTE: definition of small/tiny wage or salaries varies for most lower/middle class members DO even ignore what a real and authentic salary is like in nations belonging to capitalism and advanced economies countries)


by making that very mistake supporting/aiding some of the countries in the african continent then, (sending food, medicines and doctors to help getting rid of illnesses, disease and hunger ), all of US in the capitalism regions found ourselves attacked in the end, by the very odd and unknown behaviour and attitude of citizens of africa who are NOT fitting into any of our own societies in europe for immigrants from africa, come across like intruders and with the education of an ape. (SEE ALSO “Planet of The Apes,1968” a movie to learn and understand the situation we are currently living in Europe better, in 2014 AD)

In europe then we must reinforce TODAY  the authority of europeans above immigrants and when it comes to make decisions in connection with the european regions however the vatican state, (catholic church of rome), is more likely to have an interest in supporting citizens of africa coming to europe and to take over our nation (28 member states). The vatican state in fact handles/manages most of the financial resources and funds (AIDS) sent to africa for the catholic church of rome, has placed missions and established some sort of educational system (catholic educational system), making an attempt to “equalize” catholic citizens of africa and of europe and attempting to “equalize” even many other citizens of regions with advanced economies following capitalism however, the catholic church of rome never considered it is impossible to “equalize” people from continent such as africa who DO NOT have a equivalent I.Q. (intelligence quotient) and NOT equal to I.Q of citizens and societies of regions such as advanced economies countries following capitalism  having the latter, been working on and developing further their intelligence for decades or maybe centuries. The catholic church of rome, the vatican, might have considered instead “equalizing” catholic communities members and catholic citizens of europe with people from africa and by means of making catholics regress and lowering the latter’s I.Q. (intelligence quotient) to the I.Q level of an ape or monkey. (a.k.a: the usual “ EU Have Been F*cked Type of Thing ” that comes with following the catholic church of rome)

The Papess for Great Mother Church
( i.e: a resulting church from mergers and acquisitions among Northern Europe Churches and in opposition to Holy Mother Church. a.k.a: The Vatican State)


* for the sake of those who are far away in time from TODAY, understand lower and middle class as groups of people, societies of this planet who are most often situated across the economically weak and poor regions on earth such as africa, latin america, southern europe and even some countries in the far-north regions in asia nevertheless, lower and middle class members also citizens of regions in the capitalism areas on planet earth however, lower and middle class citizens the majority of whom are following the catholic church of rome and then accepting/taking jobs up for they, lower and middle class members, know no other way to make it a living, showing then how ignorant and unskilled catholic citizens are.

** for those who are far away in time from TODAY, University is a Educational System in developing countries and advanced economies regions/areas of planet earth, educational system in place to help citizens develop skills and abilities for learning and studying/understanding how-to’s and know-how to take responsibilities in a industry/work environment when in a fully developed country and when in nations of advanced economies region. The University education level and system, extend and complement other lower levels of education such as primary school and advanced levels (A levels) which enable citizens instead, to learn and understand how to establish trust relationships in a correct manner, (e.g: Contracts and Agreements and very often with revisions or supervision by law firms and solicitors representatives of entities attempting to achieve a deal or establish a on-going trust relationship). Trust relationships then also fall into place when with an aim for exchanging/trading labor hours for some sort of currency and valuable “instruments” or means for achieving a goal/purchase.

*** Africa: for the sake of whoever will be too far in time to understand the meaning, TWC are countries not willing to and not developing economy and financial strength in the way that is most common to advanced (fully developed) countries and nations belonging to and following capitalism instead. Capitalism, a.k.a: the leading countries on planet earth and the strongest economies with the most powerful military armies then, countries also with a “duty” for monitoring and getting rid of trouble-maker countries on planet earth.


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