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with the aim for ripping all of US off, (robbing US), catholic employees in the retail industry in london, ( England ) have….
 started charging our bank account payment cards, with small/tiny debit/credit cards transaction amounts, almost on a daily basis and by means of using mobile devices 4 card payments to charge our cards and even with “chipNpin” security codes-
Such devices are located in many fast-food/cafe’s stores. (i.e: for fraud and unlawful purpose this time, catholic community members employees and laborers, take with themselves from home their own devices for accepting card payments and @ their place of work. Devices supplied by Financial Institutions such as PayPal or even other F.I supplying devices to accept cards payments, on a mobile network and charging bank cards then, while a regular purchase occurs. On a bank statement this can be seen as a transaction with merchant name that isn’t matching any of the fast-food or cafe store brand or name, we are a regular or we occasionally do our custom.)



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