the Blow tracking information is NOT accurate and R.M cannot accept a application form to locate the item

with an aim for adding more data and information and for analysis and evaluation on how life of native EU citizens is negatively affected by the presence of immigrants and mostly catholics from T.W.C (third world countries) in africa, from latin-america, from russian federation and even catholics from southern europe without forgetting the ones in the Europe far-west, ireland.

here below a excerpt from conversation between EU government regulators and some once amazing capitalist multinational business that for reasons we are NOT clear , (.. and still investigating on ) has turned to a cove of public administration employees, hiding behind a desk on a chair and doing anything but getting work done .


” Your members of staff sending updates on delivery and order status on,  have not confirmed the item was NOT despatched in first place however, they have NOT denied either.

my last message (“tweet”)  in fact at this point, was to learn and understand whether You are more keen on order cancellation and refund to my paypal account (PP) for, right now i have a second SSD (solid state disk) on order from eBay traders in the states (US) and for about GBP 32 including shipping costs+import Taxes. ( ..Don’t mind getting a second drive if that is despatched already however, i believe  the one client loss isn’t going to affect Your business at all)
realizing even BT (British Telecom or “dabs for work” trading with BT brand) is today affected by negligent and not accurate business process management, is quite a disappointment and in addition it is very much of a concern for the british industry secretary and E.U regulators for traders and merchants,  E.U consumer market members and citizens across the 28 member states, are almost enforced to getting business to U.S (traders) instead and when paying additional import taxes and shipping costs, it’s still more convenient. (after all, delivery times might even be shorter and no one can blame consumers for relying on traders in a different market even if in the long term, this will come to an end with E.U traders and merchants losing their  “job”  appointed by the industry secretary and E.U regulators)
Those are rules for world of capitalism in a fully developed country, (advanced economies) and unlike third world countries and developing countries, delivery times and delivery standards are the most significant element/aspect for the whole purchase experience for items, goods and products come cheap and almost inexpensive from P.R.C a.k.a China then, products price tag in fact is mostly based on delivery costs from china to E.U consumer market.

last but not least: What is it that is actually negatively affecting the capitalism multinational business in london 2DAY ? Having hired far too many catholics from mainland Europe, the african region or latin america and from the communist russian federation maybe?

please take care and … don’t forget to never come back crying and begging for business and jobs/work again when, we will have the consumer market members and E.U citizens transferring their purchases to legal and legit business and traders in U.S.A. (i.e: there is no monopoly opportunity anywhere in any of the 28 member states in E.U then jobs come and go and very much like in NEW YORK CITY soon enough,  there won’t be such a thing like a secure job for citizens of E.U either) “

Tracking information

Total number of boxes: 

  • Consignment number: RB101441925

    Parcel Number:RB101441925
    Item: Enterprise 64GB X110 SATA 7mm 2.5″ Internal SSD | QTY:1

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