What Lies Beneath the Custom of Real and Authentic Europeans –

A apple on-line outlet where to get goods delivered to the door of E.U consumer market members and with pitney bowes inc., managing and sorting import/export taxes out is very much appreciated for merchants, are today giving signs of negative influence of southern europe,  ex-soviet union member states and russian federation immigrants ( among others such as africans & latin americans ) and without forgetting, negative influence of merchants in the evergreen communist republic of ireland. [ ref. http://www.iphoneincanada.ca/news/apple-launches-an-outlet-store-on-ebay-for-a-second-time/  ]

 [ @alan ] – in addition, having worked in a international company within TELCO industry of E.U, i DO ..know how supply chain works and as matter of fact i find it very funny US companies/organizations, moaning all the time and shouting at E.U public companies (as in government or public sector) when delaying payments for 60 days or so,  have now become anglo-american multinationals on the same communist track ? [ ref. http://www.iphonehacks.com/2014/07/apple-signs-join-obamas-new-supplierpay-program.html ]

m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

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God ! i didn’t even know there was a need to reinforce these simple and wise rules for business and i am shocked that Apple inc , takes up to two months to pay the bills. i will remember that next time i am making a purchase in a apple store and i will let them (apple) wait for two months B4 paying and settling the invoice. (this adds more credits to the underlying messages, apple inc. accountants have taken in a long time now, the failing route of communism) – marc thomson barnes
      You certainly don’t know how supply chain works.

all of the above and my recent writings and comments, have certainly made some people ache for real however,  i can’t understand if it’s a god, damned piss of sIT of an negro african priest (from a mission of the catholic church of rome) or if it’s a lady instead however, he MUST have learnt his lesson well by now and how aristocracy ( aristocratic family members ) in europe and royalty of europe, even these days can still make good use of communication skills and abilities, to handle the tongue and the language in the same way many of US would hold a sword and to fix a blade in the stomach of ignorant lower and middle class (laborers). With an aim to bend the latter’s back, getting them on their knees, making laborers ache while bringing to the surface their own background and evidence of, who made western capitalist societies possible instead, …. and with origin in europe.
sure it was NOT that whole pile of shit in the vatican state (catholic church of rome), making western capitalist societies possible nor, their catholic background member states such as ireland, italy, poland, spain and eventually, catholics went around south america for robbery and leaving their shit behind in the end. In the very same way and with the very same bad intentions, catholic sIT comes TODAY around my place, (god knows which apartment they are hiding), and all enthusiastic/happy i bet, for they can stay close to US even when they can’t see US or meet with US, (i.e: catholics are so much affected by insanity and just like kids, they go around the place of rock stars and try to get close ). Now,  i keep getting “Ed-H’s”, flu symptoms, i keep coughing and have to spend my nights discharging mucus, unlikely getting a good night sleep for the following day @ work and often, feeling sick and disgusTED in the stomach when catholics,  (spanish this time ) come around annoying US; Making it difficult to understand ” why catholics just don’t go back to their own member state ” ( where they’re from and where they fit right in ) or, “why catholics just can’t frame themselves among the catholic sIT in their own ghetto’s?” Unable to bear kicks up their ass and slaps in their face for being ignorant, catholic sIT of the roman catholic church, catholics have started in a while manipulating our drinks and when we have to face them while attempting to perform in their own poor, shitty jobs  @ *$$  stores/cafe’s.
coming around all over england and the U.K, catholics keep begging for work, claiming recession and there’s no work back in their own countries (or member states) such as spain however, all of US can clearly see there is plenty of trash and all around their own respective E.U catholic background member state then, a lot of work to do (for catholics) B4 they get to finish with catholic’s cleaning duties. Hard to believe catholic church of rome TODAY are so ignorant for the latter, DO NOT teach those apes, (catholic community members) to clean after themselves while learning how to help themselves without affecting the life of the rest of US.  (silence is golden)
Related to them ? Family members ? That is possible that it’s very incorrect for aristocracy of Europe will NOT make it a family with laborers ever.
We might have some fun in bed at times and when Young ourselves, (i.e: making good use of organic assets of catholics as human resources for europe) however, aristocracy and royalty join in marriage with decent girls and boys, catholics walking down the aisle with aristocracy and royalty IS NOWHERE close to reality.
marc thomson barnes

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