Job Market Change

COLmapADfor developing and achieving United States of Europe, (formerly E.U), the European Council consulting services and advisors, are recruiting postgraduates degree’s and master degree’s with some level of experience in the social-work areas incl.: Clubs & NO Profit Org’s or Foundations management and administration; training & education of groups and coaching of team leaders for financial resources optimization; supply chain resources optimization and subsequent quick dismissal of shops and merchants experience to enable U.S.E citizenship placement of orders with warehouse and couriers and by means of on-line marketplaces.

candidates MUST have know-how and how-to’s in the following areas of expertise and meet the following requirements:
‘ ebay system as business seller and buyer (incl. copy writing skills for effective posts and listings)
‘ amazon system for buyers (incl. advanced functionalities and delivery options to lockers in London)
‘ paypal account registration and paypal advanced features
‘ computer literate and advanced networking skills and abilities (mobile broadband usage and wireless networks optimization)
‘ preference for candidates who joined a club such as Lion’s Club International etc….
‘ knowledge of payment systems for work with quick turnaround
‘ be a EU native (28 member states).
For the nature of and the type of business monitoring and reporting to European Council and E.U current government institutions, this job post aims to E.U natives only for we are confident yet, immigrants cannot take care of and cannot protect E.U consumer market and native citizens in a appropriate and effective manner, for the high number of illegals currently living and working in many E.U member states.
NOTE : the above institutional project is financed and supported by communities and churches community members in northern europe then, co-ordinated by royal family members, E.U monarchies staff and assistants, good friends and family and in addition, trust relationship’s been established yet with the hebrew church in Europe, to monitor and prevent anti-semistism events based on religious hatred aiming to the jewish heritage.

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