italians signed a contract without reading the fine prints and a contract signed by representatives of the then united kingdom of italy. Representatives without university level of education or without equivalent level of education and with real and authentic degree, to learn and understand what that contract was.

a product sold by USA and a responsibility of USA, USA and the western allies only can still monitor and control over democratic republics (republics with a democracy) and member states of the E.U, for USA to guarantee terms and conditions (TERMS APPLY)  are applied to DEMOCRACY and for USA to demand and obtain political changes in any of the EU republic, when required according to standards for development, in those countries and nations signing that very contract. (A.K.A ability and authority of USA and through US government institutions only for DEMOCRACY in the republic, a jurisdiction  of USA where to erase social-communism in any EU democratic republic and ability and authority in addition,  to preserve monarchies or democratic monarchies in EU,  a jurisdiction of their  respective churches that HAVE NOT signed for DEMOCRACY with USA. USA, a Masterpiece of H.M QEII )


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