The Witches Hunt

never say never again, from middle age to salem and by the catholic church of rome and by the church of england too, a rogue is a fascinating and effective remedy for plagues and to eradicate communism and socialism-communism.
should we start considering why rogue was left behind at some point in history and really take into consideration today, infectious diseases and wars are missed for their balancing function and to sustain capitalism society alive. (see below a summary of criminal offence and ways catholics still get away with persecutions against jews community and community members)

Physical  evidence,  Witnesses, Weapon, Crime scene, Motive, Circumstance, Opportunity, Forensics

catholics are once more trying to affect lives of US with depression tricks and with severe conditions, in order for catholics to follow and develop  ” Unfair Trade Practices** ”, by means of:
a piss of SIT of an irish, or someone acting on behalf of an irish woman,  bothering and annoying all of US over night, apparently catholic irish have somehow got access to fluids and food on top of the fridge and in the kitchen cupboards. With unauthorized access to the dwelling, catholics  add some medication powder or anything to negatively affect intestines and kidneys standard behaviour and function,  to simulate unbalanced and unstable behaviour for US. 

side FX of the aforementioned poisoning include allergy symptoms with breathing difficulties, anxiety, cough, frustration, itchy eye or sore eye*, migraine, stress and all appearing out of the blue and even when relaxing on the couch.
* What Causes Sore Eyes?
Sore eyes can be caused by a variety of things.  Your eyes may become sore after a long day at work or if you have been deprived of sleep. Additional causes may include:
  • Airborne irritants such as chemicals, smoke, smog, animal dander, and pollen.
  • Inflammation caused by allergens or infections. viral infections such as the common cold.
  • Blepharitis
  • Pink eye
  • ** add unfair trade practices


Commercial law

Unfair competition in commercial law refers to a number of areas of law involving acts by one competitor or group of competitors which harm another in the field, and which may give rise to criminal offenses and civil causes of action. The most common actions falling under the banner of unfair competition include:
  • Matters pertaining to antitrust law, known in the European Union as competition law. Antitrust violations constituting unfair competition occur when one competitor attempts to force others out of the market (or prevent others from entering the market) through tactics such as predatory pricing or obtaining exclusive purchase rights to raw materials needed to make a competing product. ******
  • Trademark infringement and passing off, which occur when the maker of a product uses a name, logo, or other identifying characteristics to deceive consumers into thinking that they are buying the product of a competitor. In the United States, this form of unfair competition is prohibited under the common law and by state statutes, and governed at the federal level by the Lanham Act.
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets, which occurs when one competitor uses espionagebribery, or outright theft to obtain economically advantageous information in the possession of another. In the United States, this type of activity is forbidden by the Uniform Trade Secrets Act and the Economic Espionage Act of 1996
  • Trade libel, the spreading of false information about the quality or characteristics of a competitor’s products, is prohibited at common law.
  • Tortious interference, which occurs when one competitor convinces a party having a relationship with another competitor to breach a contract with, or duty to, the other competitor is also prohibited at common law.
  • Various unfair business practices such as fraudmisrepresentation, and unconscionable contracts may be considered unfair competition, if they give one competitor an advantage over others. In the European Union, each member state must regulate unfair business practices in accordance with the principles laid down in the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, subject to transitional periods. (See also trade regulation law.)

    ****** add tactics such as:

  • data protection act breach ( specific reference and attention MUST be considered in connection with telco industry companies/mobile telecommunication industry,  making use of state funds , EU funds, to support tasks and activities with the unlawful purpose of misappropriation of economically advantageous information and data in the possession of another )
  • foods and fluids poisoning to cause depression symptoms and severe conditions negatively affecting a competitor or group of competitors and occurring most times when companies and teams or communities, are driven by ‘catholic feminist women’ and with their servants/waiters, when the latter cover a leading role for the company. ( i.e: directors or management giving rise to events most times occurring because of ignorant women, those feminist females, with no real and authentic university degree and studies then, females unable to take responsibilities and in accordance with standards compliant with EU law and commercial law. SEE ABOVE for details )
  • identity theft and fraud ( specific reference and attention MUST be considered in connection with job agencies and job centers; then warning citizens about resumes with EU standard layout which is the most common way, and well known by officers, agencies employees pursue identity theft and fraud
  • malicious prosecution (often found evidence of catholic individuals pretending to be a judge however, with no real and authentic university degree and with insufficient education,  placed on the judge chair by public administration administrative employees, the latter suggesting the impostor should keep his/her mouth shut and just listen. Also administrative employees hiding (i.e: avoiding proceedings documentation for the electronic filing system <- database) data and information about civil causes of action and criminal offenses and negatively affecting then, the work of the national institute for statistics.
  • malpractice ( specific reference and attention MUST be considered in connection with postal service employees often delaying deliveries of essential goods and tools for work and business tasks of another)

NOTE: despite those ignorant women making statements  ‘ even nazi-fascism regimes had law and commercial law ‘ and including but with no limitation to practices directives, there is 0 (zero) tolerance for criminal offences and felonies damaging others when, those ignorant feminist females follow and develop “Unfair Trade Practices” by means of tactics above described and with the unlawful purpose to force others out of the market. ( see directives for fare trade practice in a unrestricted market however regulated by EU regulators and, monitored by anti-trust or competition law system, for goods and services that DO NOT fall into a category of ‘exclusive state owned or licensed properties’ such as lottery, stamps, tobacco..  etc.)

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