IS THERE ANYONE WHO STILL CARES ABOUT RESPECT THESE DAYS ? Good! we found a new gadget for a business and targeting a market segment made of laborers and workers – Christian O’Belee

‘ BEWARE then what You ask for, ‘cause we , british anglican/protestant citizens, are marketing experts with strategy and process, and to make a nice packaging for what You been asking for, and to stick on the box a well known logo of a capitalist multinational brand for then making good use of advertising tools and placing a message on the NET for EU to push ‘ ADD-TO-CART ‘ – Get RESPECT delivered on the door step ! – SAME DAY delivery GUARANTEED.

We have NO such a thing like a ride/meal free of charge, in our own ” World Of Capitalism ” societies .
 ‘ Start Paying Your Taxes ‘
for we may or may NOT waive over Your “irregular income” <- (i.e:  cash in hands)
however, in order for US to guarantee support to our legal attorneys and state prosecutors with the law system for the EU; for US to guarantee all lawyers and solicitors a fair and correct amount for their invoices; for US to guarantee support and funds to our own national institute for statistics; for Yourself at last and eventually,  to show EU have enough money, credit cards or bank accounts in your own country to support Yourself when coming to visit our own Unites States of Europe and the 28 member states,
‘ Get ready to go through legal proceeding ‘
when You’re planning to stay longer than three days ‘ and for You to earn and buy RESPECT from US when eventually winning in court.

London, Oct. 8th 2014

‘ apparently a shortage of staff rooms/areas @ McDonald’s stores and for their employees to consume their own meals and drinks among themselves, without affecting the customers custom and for them to avoid feeling down when rejected by capitalism societies (i.e: The Rich and Wealthy).

Such jobs in fact will never suit a rich and wealthy society member when the company can’t even provide a staff area to keep distance from clients and customers. ( Reasons among which we left those jobs behind with someone who, has no Real And Authentic Uni education. Someone who still needs a job to make it a living )
Matter of fact none of US need a job to make it a living however, we do work for ourselves and to maintain and keep financial and instrumental resources, in the hands of the Rich and Wealthy.

‘ all sick and disgUSted. i have been for most week-end and now suddenly even sore eye and stomach ache as well as, nausea symptoms are showing up. Suspect tea @ *$$ did its ” dirty job ”  last thursday , it was ages i had made my way into a store close to home and ‘ Unfair Trade Practices ‘ might just have ME in the target.
How are our kids and under-graduate supposed to trust filing a job application form with companies hiring those communists ?

‘ Spanish/hispanics around attempting with depression trick and still they (catholics)  cannot  understand, ‘ Everything in world of capitalism is property of US. Nothing belongs to catholics and communists in london ‘ .
Take care – white gold ring just went missing while @ a *$$ store

first impressions:

depression symptoms evidence found in the city of london ( U.K ) and within east london too, please send alert to community (i.e: anglican/protestant british citizens), catholic community members aggressiveness and negatively affecting the city, may be a priority issue/plague to take care of, for prolonged cruel and unjust control by catholic community members MUST get to an end. We often experience Spanish or spanish speaking/hispanics trying being in the way and when most inappropriate nevertheless, it would be hard for US to get catholics understand they are out of place when in london, and within church of england ” jurisdiction “.   Catholics in addition come across with that attitude, behaviour and subtle dodgy ‘ Offering Help in Order to Interfere ’ that also MUST get to an end. All of US DO NOT need help from catholics.

A rather childish and immature behaviour of far too young GLBT group followers ( and still catholics ) requiring too many attentions and, GLBT group members coming from NON-EU member states, ( countries and nations that DO NOT belong to EU 28 member states ),  with catholic background and still taking RESPECT for granted, showing inability to pay for what they want and demand. Catholics are then too thick and ignorant and rejecting the very basic principle, london, UK and ‘ capital of capitalism ‘, is all about Making Business out of Anything.

GLBT GROUP MEMBERS with a catholic background and GLBT young members, are NOT trained and educated enough instead and catholic GLBT, come across inappropriate for ‘ World Of Capitalism ‘ and with NO HOW TO’S and with NO KNOW-HOW for filing criminal offence report ( or civil causes of action ) with police officers;

GLBT are then welcome when they are a ‘ROUND’ however, rather inconvenient and tossed away when they act and behave like fags and faggots. ( i.e: little girls with no Uni education and then immature ). 

NOTE: ‘ We Are Sorry For Any Inconvenience Caused, Please Do File A Complain With The Catholic Church Of Rome Offices….’  for taking EU to regressing and far back in time and to a time when fags, faggots and happy people,  are considered time wasters then NOT FITTING RIGHT into capitalism societies.
‘ Be Yourself Then And Do Your Own Things, just don’t let US know ‘cause we are nowhere keen on sharing EU’re lifestyle. COMING OUT is a thumb down ‘

Church of England Ministries of Sound [ Sound Ministries ]

‘ EU can make EU[rself] a home however, it will never be EU[re] home ‘



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