–  Sep. 3rd 2014:

VODA IT is currently under investigation on suspicion of fraud and malpractice. Investigation carried out by Union Bureau of Investigations officers has just started and on Vodafone selling/delivering non E.C approved/authorized products ( CE marking policy wasn’t met ). Some Subscriber Identity Module, thereafter referred to as combi-SIM CARDS, do not meet EC/EU regulators required criteria and compulsory for circulation within the EU market,( soon U.S.E ), in addition combi-SIM CARDS delivered ( the product ) do NOT match advertised product while DO NOT adhere CE marking policy and related declaration of conformity.

promotions advertised on VODAFONE.IT and related terms and conditions on purpose lack  of information and data ( negligence ) for the EU consumers ( fraud ) and to push client to incur into extra-charges for data service and internet surfing. Vodafone Customer Service/Support operators are vague and deny responsibilities upon enquiry however, statements of data charges and sessions bring evidence of malpractice or illegal practice while in the ” exercise of a profession “. Industry codes of practice  were also ignored by vodafone IT when making use of marketing tools and strategy and when transferring data and information for terms applicable to their promotions and sales.  (i.e: the legal bit and fine prints)

– Sep. 3rd 2014:

        Feedback sent to Apple inc. for the release of software/hardware/services for Consumer Electronics market and for the release of devices including but with no limitation to video gaming devices.

Please find below complete customer support ticket data and info for the encl. conversation and in connection with data transmissions bringing up evidence of companies in the industry sector for telecommunication,  DO NOT meet mandatory and required criteria to access EU consumer market ( E.U/E.C and EU regulators for trades and commerce and  then CE marking policy, declaration of conformity )

QUOTE: ‘ just TODAY a background system process (nsurlsessiond) started internet data  DL and UL with anomalies ( data exchanged occurred while i was under the shower and away from the screen of a laptop/macbook ) in addition, all automatic DL such as system and applications updates  are disabled on this very macbook, with customised settings for OS X 10.10 tests and analysis with  “firewall”  restricting connections from the NET even.  With the purpose to officially evaluate forthcoming os X 10.10 release and before official launch, on behalf of EU government institutions and  watchdogs or government regulators for trades and commerce in EU and to benefit the  consumer market members, ( our customers and clients ),   it was clear that outrageous and suspicious data consumption happens right after we sent the above notification to Vodafone Global Enterprise and to report a company misbehaviour within the Voda Group  , (  company in the telco industry also I.S.P providing services among which  internet access on mobile network ) .

please stay assured we will keep information confidential and within a team for tests and evaluation of Apple inc. products and services,  Consumer Electronics and devices evaluation  including but with no limitation to video gaming devices and in application of terms for NDA (non disclosure agreement) however, data consumption or exchange with anomalies may or may not alter/modify terms and conditions for obtaining CE mark and delay relevant declaration of conformity application for the EU consumer market, also delays may or may not occur for a launch of os X 10.10 within the EU market (should these data consumption/exchange with anomalies be  still present in the final and candidate release a.k.a golden master).

*the above messages DO NOT imply Apple inc. or any apple subsidiary in EU, are connected to or in any way linked and related to Voda IT, with confidential and malicious agreements allowing acting together for unlawful purpose and with specific reference however with no limitation to: anti-semitism activities (i.e: jokes and having fun at the  expenses of jew community members or the jewish community members); also reference to persecutions against the jews and the jewish community members and persecutions among which:

  • malicious  prosecution,
  • malpractice,
  • group boycott.

– Sep. 4th 2014:

          QUOTE: ‘ following  “conversation” started earlier today via Mac Help > Send Feedback feature, we are TODAY in a position to confirm the aforementioned “system process” (nsURLsessiond) connects to internet websites for data exchange (data DL and UL) through “Remote Access Service” connection, initiated on the INTERNET and very likely by ISP (internet service providers), connecting then the system/computer to fraudulent websites including and with no limitation to x-rated websites such as porn and adult clips portals. Telco companies providing infrastructure (cell towers, internet keys/dongles, smartphones and wi-fi mobile broadband devices/hotspots) and also supplying software (mobile connect , firmware, smartphone customization, internet connection User Interface ) with a unlawful purpose and to make a record of data exchanged bween the members of the consumer market in EU  and companies/businesses hosts or websites servers. ISP and TELCO industry companies however  keeping record of unreal and non-authentic  data transmissions ‘

– Sept. 24th 2014:

conversation notifying Voda IT  and discussion for  reviews of  state aids and public funds for the monitoring and making record of data transmissions of  EU consumer market members

l m : good morning

Antonio (Vodafone) : How can I help ? 

l m : in connection with subscribers agreements with vodafone omnitel and with reference to the extension of investigation to all EU 28 member states where, Vodafone Group PLC is present providing telecommunication services for landlines and mobile terminals, through subsidiaries and partner companies acting on behalf of Vodafone….

          we are TODAY sending notification we have formally brought to the attention of the EU parliament (brussels), documents and matter  for discussion and consideration to cut state aids and public funds (public money and investments within involved EU governments )….

Antonio (Vodafone) : Who am I talking to ? 

Antonio (Vodafone) : ?

Antonio (Vodafone) : Your enquiry is unclear

l m : …down to a maximum of 50 % of currently allocated funds and annually, to compensate vodafone IT for security and monitoring services while recording data and information of clients and internet users… (EU consumer market segment)   

l m: … and recording data and information with exclusive intent to guarantee community ( EU consumer market members, consumers) , immediate and effective actions against danger, risks and threats  in connection with international terrorism attacks.

Antonio (Vodafone) : i’d like to understand who i am talking to and the matter of this enquiry

l m : state aids and public funds cut will be put to use for compensations and to compensate consumer market members, following fraud and negligence ( vodafone italia fraud and negligence ) and to benefit  vodafone italia for up to Euro 30 millions in revenues, fraud and negligence damaging however consumer market when Voda IT misusing EU regulations and directives and when providing telecommunication services and access to mobile network for data transmission disregarding legal warranty for the consumer. (Legal warranty, as described in art. 128 of the consumer code, intends to protect consumers when purchasing defective products or products DO NOT meet mandatory and required criteria for EU market a.k.a CE marking policy and relevant declaration of conformity )

Antonio (Vodafone) : sorry. we do NOT understand

l m : art. 128

Antonio (Vodafone) : sorry, this is NOT the appropriate office for communications

l m : we are disappointed meeting with a company following such incorrect socialist-communist behaviour and however not compliant with directives of EU regulators for EU member states,

we wish you all the best for a very next company lifecycle and with state aids and public funds cuts upon  fraud damaging both the consumer market and the union state.

NOTE:  should vodafone IT and Voda Group  pricing policy suddenly change and to increase costs for the consumers, we reserve the right to urgently transfer all Vodafone operations management and administration tasks, to a different member state such as the Netherlands and under supervision of state auditors  without however relocating personnel currently employed @ call centers located in the rep. of ireland.



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