….. and we don’t like hispanics/italians around to contaminate with BETTER ( i.e: BAD AIR/HER ) influence.

following unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain by socialist-communist catholics and coming from eastern european countries; latin america; southern european countries, cleanliness and disinfection of apparatuses, appliances, places, tools and venues for customers and clients of london, (UK),  have started to make all of US feeling sick and to make all of US suffering for allergies symptoms to germs and dirt that are not properly dealt with. (  i.e: terrorism and threats  radically change in essence )
we already heard Mr Cameron the other night , talking about “immigration” of immigrants from the rest of EU member states however, the quickest we put an end to immigration,  the better for US (i.e: the quickest UK exits EU, the quickest we cash-in the BONUS for achieving the goal ). Communist-caholic contamination it’s getting so extreme these days, stepping in the way (being a pin in the neck) all the time (24hrs/ around the clock) and making US lose money , (wasting time).
Unlike catholics however, we’re not stupid and ignorant like nazi-fasci catholics of europe, (post WORLD WAR I )   when they set-up concentration camps and had taken holocaust to the extreme extent  by the torturing of and erasing lives. ( i.e: although their, of catholics, practices have changed since and in essence, we can still see around US their nazi-fasci and anti-semitic actions scheme ).
more info and data with statistics and reports will be submitted then to the EU parliament in brussels and to further take  jobs and costs cuttings of personnel who ARE, TODAY, USELESS and most often personnel who ARE NOT even regularly employed.
If You ever happen thou to feel sick in Your stomach, suffer migraine or skin burning sensation and after having a drink or a snack @ *$$ store, (these symptoms may appear even over night and a long while after being contaminated ) , skip the lawyers and solicitors enquiry and consultation to claim compensation and go straight to the “HELP YOURSELF AND CLEAN AFTER YOURSELF” legal proceedings instead, a quickest way to “cash” compensation for food-poisoning or for being affected by the lack of cleanliness and disinfection of *$$ cups and machinery maintained, TODAY,  by communist ( once nazi-fasci ) catholic staff members.

enter *$$ stores and premises then,  and to make GOOD use of electrical mains and couch to recharge Your phones and laptops. (optional use of WI-FI connection when You need one).

this can be done as many times as You like just remember, ‘ Avoid Complains by Picking a Porridge Paper Cup from the Counter ‘ and then fill the cup with fresh semi-skimmed or skimmed milk to simulate having a drink with a *$$ logo and brand. You won’t get unnoticed however, unlikely they will dare challenging the statement You also are a client and matter of fact,  You can also  fill the cup with drinks purchased in one of the groceries stores around in the city to keep enjoying a disease-free drink ( i.e: no dirt, no germs, no catholic contamination or smell ) and with electricity supply as a bonus.

we can then keep making polish and european catholics understand being around the most jewish City of London, (capitalism world) in the UK  for catholic polish and europeans,  still have expectations of working in the city of london , the most jewish area and financial district of london (UK ) however, Catholic polish and europeans taking communism to capitalism companies and businesses such as american starbucks. ( i.e: turning *$$ into a cheap fucking business on the same page of McDonalds )
All of US (europeans and natives of EU ) , are now wondering : “ Do we still need these f*cking american businesses turning European life-style so cheap and repulsive ? ” ; ” Do we stil need f*cking americans entering the EU consumer market and just over a decade later, showing the cheap and repulsive nature when hiring f*cking communist european catholics and polish ? “

we are also WARNING circa immediate removal of bad habits and incorrect custom of catholics and roman catholic church community members in europe avoiding, ignoring and then often being negligent with several law breach instances and in connection with :

 QUOTE: “ Usage of inhouse cleaners are regulated by certain laws and some legislations. The cleaners should all be of a certain age group, should have the required training and should also have a complete insurance as well as having a clean criminal record. The law stipulating their hours of work and the minimum wages to be paid are to be strictly followed. There are licensed cleaners who are in the job of providing all housekeeping assistance. Though there is no scope of availing of cheap cleaning services from unlicensed service providers, there are hefty legal penalties applicable if such service providers are used.  ” Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4860482

recruitment for cleaners and cleaning agencies staff or agents thereafter, will change accordingly with employment contracts anticipating a maximum of 3 to 5 hrs per working day and for 5 days a week at least, with a minimum salary of 100 £/€ per day and b4 tax (500 £/€ weekly gross wage and to cover for insurance and in particular where heavy use of chemicals and detergents occurs, thus negatively affecting health and breathing system and often with consequences that may or may not affect mental health for prolonged and excessive contact with chemicals and detergents, affecting then personality stability or balance )

state and public funds to support and finance the application of the aforementioned regulations and for education and  training of personnel and staff for cleaning industry, can be taken by public funds cuttings applicable to telecommunication industry and to national security or security companies (<- private services supplying security officers with no sufficient and no standard training and education for either sleeping in front of a tv screen overnight or attacking and abusing EU citizens and natives)
in connection with telecommunication industry companies in EU and recent findings across the sector, please see linked post* raising matter for discussion and consideration of evidence, there are anomalies with data exchange (data transmissions), while using the most current version of Apple os X in addition, highlighting os X firewall fetaures and rules being useless even when disabling automatic downloads and updates for apps and system in fact, built-in firewall will not stop unwanted and unwelcome data transmissions and downloads, making all of US understand why even this os X major upgrade is released free of charge.
see also customer support conversation below about Catholics/Hispanic managed
businesses/trades belonging to telecommunication industry with their ways to 
negatively affect lives of US.
hello! Am not sure what is going on. Your message”s stating the obvious and have not personally filed any question with customer support since last October. I now believe someone else is trying to gather information and data off You and Your clients database. Please be aware I often had been in a target for scam messages and phishing websites when using Hispanic/Catholic managed mobile networks/cellular operators, with an aim to follow identity fraud and theft of Jewish heritage in order to attack jewish community members.  Consider in addition, many Hispanic / Catholic managed mobile networks/cell operators, have been found importing terminals (smartphones) off a parallel market then products that are not certified for EU consumer market, mobile networks/operators in addition,  pursuing fraud in connection with consumers code and legal warranty.
NOTE:  beware of Irish Communist Catholics who keep with pursuing identity fraud 
and theft. 


In relation to some expected however unwelcome and rather annoying alerts triggered by telecommunication industry companies, messing up with EU citizens standards of life for telecommunication industry companies are today unable and incapable of minding the industry itself business, we just reviewed masterpass account registrations data and info and ran ( occasionally ) into problems and issues with displaying web pages  for telecommunicaiton industry companies in EU, are quite hostile|unfriendly with jews community members and web pages displayed on the NET may or may not be official and authentic mastercard websites’s.  ( see encl. picture highlighting inaccurate information displayed to some consumers often in the target for scams and phishing websites )
along with banking or financial institutions and credit management industry resolution of matter in question, we strongly suggest mergers and acquisitions and to start with ‘ Che Banca ! ‘ (mediobanca) and ‘ Citi group ‘, in order to provide more flexibility and up-to date services and featured products to EU ; UK ; US citizens, for both credit industry groups already have similar policies to benefit the consumer clients.  i expect in fact the latter to be true for business|merchants accounts as well. ( if NOT Citi group can provide merchants|business banking services and products whereas ‘ Che banca! ‘ will act as a Authorized Dealer and on behalf of ‘ Citi Bank ‘ )
PLEASE NOTE: above suggestions and ‘ tips ‘ sent by the EU 
government administration and presidency  ( European Commission,
European Council, EU PARLIAMENT, EU regulators ) ARE NOT for 
evaluation by “ lazy and happy traders “, NOT an option then NOR ideas.
Suggestions and ‘tips' sent by the EU government administration 
and presidency ARE close to ORDERS and matter for discussion and 
immediate consideration.

HAVE A NICE and PLEASANT STAY in THE E.U ( 28 member states ) ; Your STAY EXPIRES on the 90th day following crossing the EU borders and after getting Your PASSPORT impressed with a mark stating date and point of Entry.
PLEASE consider reading EU directive ‘ Learn HOW TO’s and KNOW-HOW to make good USE of YOUR PASSPORT ‘ when starting to feel under unjust pressure, we generously supply passports and with a EU brand and logo, with a microchip and last but not least a PASSPORT together with the opportunity to MOVE Your f*cking ass away from the capitalism business borders. ( includes EU 28 member states )



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