Europe. Capitalism and Europeans Life-Style Apply, With Settings and Configuration by Churches of Northern Europe (i.e: Banks, The Monarchies )

             We design natives of the EU by means of universities and uni level of education (i.e: post graduates ), and provide strong and solid skills and abilities to achieve positions and pursuing careers in making good use of HR ( i.e: kicking the ass of human resources  = employees, laborers, merchants/retailers, workers ) and abilities to dismiss the very same HR, when no longer cost effective for the ever so capitalist financial and banking system and even, core business for London – UK.
We are not labourers unions addicted, we can’t be bothered with what communist crabs ask, think and want. We USE ignorant catholic merchants and their assistants, their workers too, who DO NOT hold proper level of education ( E.U UNI or any accredited capitalist university in western capitalist societies ), and WE USE them for as long as it’s convenient and cost-effective for US.
We use the catholic church of rome members instead, ( priests and their ministers ), to keep  catholic church followers (i.e: trash of europe ) engaged with waste of time activities such as playgrounds and getting together places, to have catholics become exhausted and avoiding catholics then getting in the way with their FASCI/NAZI activities and tasks .
please note : all mssgs. below this point are key points currently in chaotic order. ( i.e: further REVISIONS still required )

                                           for AS LONG AS ALL OF US KEEP MAKING SOUND AND GOOD MONEY – The Art Of Assassination And Being Liberated By International Court of Justice In The Hague ( Netherland )

irish and italians ( perhaps spanish/hispanics too ) catholic SIT have, and in a very long time started fighting the THE CAPITALISM WAY for catholics of EU, are TODAY following the communist Che Guevara ‘ philosophy ‘ (i.e: ” help anyone in trouble and never stop feeling in Your deepest way, any sort of unjust treatment ” ), against capitalism and its foundations and principles for eradicating communism from western capitalist societies.

Catholics against the understanding of WAR, in fact necessary to get rid of catholic communist trash from our own lands and from our own territories,  catholics then may be even standing on the other side and against U.S.A interest even, and against the anglo-american capitalist business. ‘ Get to your own conclusion ‘.
rep. of Ireland (catholics) has no alternative, they have no other client but E.U member states ( the consumer market ) and to sell their merchants S*IT,  turning themselves into another ” up-side-down ” company / society  with the one client only culture. ( when stopped from selling to E.U, irish stop selling for good ). According to vague information and not quite clear statements however official and circa rep. of ireland economy, catholic irish have no alternative client  (= poor shit of europe ) in addition irish, have no exclusive privilege nor can obtain one in a unrestricted capitalist market, for reselling U.S corporations goods and services, with a corporation tax rate of 12.5% ( according to the US tax journal Tax Notes) and the country ( rep. of ireland ), is also one of the largest exporters of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and software-related goods and services and reselling to EU and EU consumer market subject to EU parliament and regulators, rules and regulations.
It’s about time then to let catholic irish know, Europeans ( EU real and authentic natives ) do not support the life of ignorants and trash of europe, when they don’t in fact show to US, irish have a alternative as per client and to make it a living without the EU consumer market support. We may as well stop sending orders to rep. of  ireland and switch to different goods distributor then ( i.e: sending orders directly to U.S.A or Netherlands perhaps ).

Catholic irish SIT are TODAY part of EU member states however “ taking the piss “, bothering and then making US annoyed. God knows why they are still around and doing it ! ….. so hard to understand catholic irish from rep. of ireland aren’t welcome any longer ?

Once and a long time ago, ( perhaps over a decade ago ) i remember someone in london @ work in the office, mentioning they all are mental in rep. of ireland however, never taken that in consideration for real; Until now.  I am almost convinced TODAY catholic irish may be collectively affected by some kind of mental disease, and for they even find it hard to get a sound understanding of Europe and Europeans.. They still cannot get to the most obvious conclusion then, leaving and exiting EU.
      so… this is US, Europe and Europeans……. ( no more excuse )


We are leading communities of europe and their members, we are banks driving community members for better or capitalist life-style and don’t give a damn about products and goods,  any piece of S*IT including catholic spanish, may have and/or be offering for products and goods, are all equals to all of US (i.e:  the same shit every other merchant has), and reason why merchants are still around TODAY and still used by US, is for they collect VAT/sales tax on behalf of US (i.e: the third largest state income).

The sooner we replace that income collection task however,  ( costs and jobs cuttings and replacing with deliveries to the consumers doors for the most items and goods ), the sooner we will no longer need for merchants. ( or the majority of them will no longer be required )

U.S.E, all of US churches then monarchies, setting foundations and principles for capitalism in europe, are aiming to serve consumers only and by means of sending orders directly to U.S.A warehouses and, to our own distributors/resellers in mainland europe eventually, with home-delivery to the consumers doorstep. We are aiming to support warehouses business ( logistics ), banking and financial systems such as financial institutions for credit and debit cards transactions, short-term loans with fairly low interest or interest-free credit up to six months, couriers, commercial vehicles manufacturers/automotive, oil extraction industry and fuel retailers, “ call-centers ” in the U.S.A, for the business of customer support over the phone and to open a ticket for pick-up and returning items within 14dd from delivery date. To a certain extent (i.e: when “ reorganized ” ) we’ll support the telco industry sector, for connections to systems and for placing orders on-line however, the latter investment will be subject to mandatory requirements for “ reorganization “, (i.e: a technical term in studies of economics to instruct for jobs and costs cuttings ). Reorganization then to such an extent for boards of directors getting companies back into ” their own hands “, keeping companies under control as opposed to allowing anarchy and communism within their organizations,  getting companies then to serve stake-holders and clients interest. Erasing racketeering and illegal activities currently in place among businesses and trades in the telco industry sector too..

……….and why being so stubborn in staying part of the EU then ? Why not just leaving EU behind if catholic irish can’t understand or accept what europeans are like ? We follow aristocratic education, the EU university level of education. Why catholic irish keep staying attached to a consumer market they can no longer serve ? Like they were crabs “sucking blood and life” off  all of US.

Are catholic irish dumb and disabled for real then ?  They can’t understand london even ( UK ) for londoners,  don’t give a damn about catholics either. ( And why should we ? ) We care for ourselves only, (i.e: capitalism ) however catholics keep being difficult and keep “ knocking onto the wrong door “.
Luckily enough this is no land under the influence of the Vatican and the catholic church of rome, this is no place where to enquire for help for unlike the catholic church of rome, we are not a charity (i.e: helping beggars ) and we do not OWE anything to catholics either. Are catholic irish then so disabled ? Are they for real ? mental ? ignorant ?

beware in addition of catholic irish coming from rep. of Ireland often after me and searching for me in london, messing around with our work and project goals we are set to achieve. ( US = the monarchies then churches of northern europe and EU aristocratic societies and families, meant to set capitalism foundation and principles for U.S.E )

please send notes to EU gov. administration and to the parliament house ( in brussels ), to anglicans ( church of england ) and to protestant church parliament members @ EU house of parliament in brussels, catholics from rep. of ireland in london are TODAY so obvious in denying serving and working for the benefit of the church of england ( the monarchy ) then, obvious also comes across they are reluctant to cooperate with the capitalism world societies (i.e: catholic irish from rep. of ireland denying serving capitalism then, likely a threat for capitalist countries and member states and even a threat, for the entire western capitalist societies and systems on earth. For catholic irish are definitely serving someone or something else. If it’s not US, capitalism, it MUST be someone else they are serving )

Moving to and coming into london, GB, for living and working in london means coming to serve and work for capitalism, the church of england setting principles and foundation ever since capitalism existed for the rest of US , the monarchies in northern europe and churches, have been following the leading family we all are related and setting capitalism foundations and principles, and all across the U.K territories and dominions. ( i.e:  around the world )
Despite 21st century and the modern era then, we’ve got to deal with and be ready, stay alerted for raising awareness in connection with most effective proceedings to eradicate anarchical trends and the witches from rep. of ireland, feminists and lower to middle class women, coming into london and guilty of incitement in favour of illegal, unlawful and not legit purpose and activities. (i.e: activities against state authorities of britain supporting capitalism, and catholic irish then fighting capitalism or the main church authority,  the church of england )

Are we just about “ around the corner “ of a route taking US to new waves of witchery rogues ?Northern Europe Churches, US, are ever so ready to sign legal and legit papers and documents for regulating court trials and for instructing arbitrators and magistrates, for execution of women guilty of witchery within territories of europe ( i.e: EU – death penalty is not that far in time after all ) and execution of catholic witches from rep. of ireland who, were warned for centuries then no excuse will be accepted and no apologies whatsoever will be taken into consideration.

REVENGE ….  we like it better when served in a cold dish ( when catholics expect that the least  ) nevertheless, ‘ don’t you worry ‘ we are living the 21st century, we’ re not that cruel any longer and even for such crimes against the state members and the churches authority. You’ll get a lethal injection B4-hand however it won’t be publicly known and B4 the public rogue of a witch.
Europe is our own land, we won’t allow any f*cking communist catholic to control and damage in any part of europe. ( see directives for : ” EU and the 28 member states membership subscription  ” – Terms Apply “)

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