– What part of a ROCK* are YOU like ? THE ROCK or THE STAR ? –

LONDON, Dec. 2014


…….. all of US was more than clear this round, and stating E.U is not a friend ( 3 hand ).

       We do NOT need and do not want to make it a friend with such communist rubbish, with catholic background and from the catholic background European Union member states and European countries, TODAY coming into london ( UK ) to live and work however, often bothering and annoying locals and natives of the U.K. Either catholics from rep. of ireland, south africans and catholics from the rest of catholic background member states then, start taking notes and to study and learn how to’s and know how for serving the E.U consumer market, (28 member states) with standards that are satisfactory for all of US and incl. but with no limitation to mainland Europe consumers, and ultimately for the aforementioned catholics and their russians partners, to keep a job and privilege to access EU consumer market ( with trash of their own merchants; goods and products ) , else the aforementioned catholics will leave the EU behind. (i.e: the aforementioned catholics will have to let go the privilege for trading and for commerce within the EU 28 member states )

Catholics however are NOT and won’t be part of our own family, (monarchies, northern europe churches. We all are related ) and catholics  will not be part of our own family until compliant with “ CE mark ‘ and  with Declaration of Conformity for the E.U market. ( i.e: applicable to goods as well as to citizens of E.U in fact ).
‘ Start enrolment and for achieving real and authentic university level of education, and getting out from UNI with level of standards that are compatible and compliant with E.U societies and life-style ‘.
All of the aforementioned catholics, currently belong to a different family in fact, they belong to a family of fags and faggots and happy people from the vatican and they belong in addition, to catholic church of rome, we do NOT want to know about.
The above conditions must be met to keep all of US going ahead with unity for the EU, for all of US to keep free-travel area privileges  ( no passport and no VISA requirements ) and within the soon U.S.E  28 member states and for keeping in addition, goods and items to freely circulate as well.  (i.e: TODAY – A.D 2014,  conditions for the safety of EU citizens members are under threat ).

NOTE: all of the above MUST be understood and for we graduate in a  real and authentic university of EU, “ we get what we want and we pay in whatever way we want “. ( i.e: We pay the legitimate land authorities and natives, U.K monarchy and the church of england’s and including but with no limitation to british state authorities )

see below conversation bringing up evidence non-CE ( conformite europeenne ) compliant citizens members are today present in EU.

that sounds bizarre ! Are we still in the talking of multi-nationals business in here? there is something about this post that doesn’t sound right. Should we raise matter for discussion and consideration, a communist trend may have entered capitalist business and multi-nationals operations ?

take care,


 m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

@ipostic… that’s dumb observbation. are You actually making an attempt to say, russians do not live ( make it a living ) by means of their own money ? (i.e: money laundering business then for catholic background countries of the EU ). ‘ People would waste so much money, only when it’s not their own money ‘. ( earned in a non legit way and with money laundering “niz” then, for catholic communities dirty business: racketeering and drug dealers ).

NOTE: the aforementioned statements are also part of foundation and principles for capitalist societies, triggering alerts and to start investigations for unclear revenues of organizations or subsidiaries, running operations based on trust relationships established with the world of capitalism communities and companies, and triggering alerts in addition with an aim to cut connections when supporting tasks and activities with unlawful purpose.

take care,
It’s too bad it went this way but in all honesty, those Russians that were able to afford $850 iPhone most likely will be able to afford $1,100 iPhone. Income gap is so significant there that the group of  consumers that Apple is targeting will see the price increase as a small inconvenience.

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