How To’s and Know-How for ” Licking Feet and Rimming Asshole of a Client “


mandatory and legal statement to avoid charges for committing crimes based on a opinion/thoughts

          State Of The eUnion – Jan. 2015 UPDATE


– Anti-Trust Laws Breach 

( activities, tasks and projects in conflict with competition laws and regulations; Activities, tasks and projects in relation to unfair commercial/trade practice, with particular ref. to laws breach and non legit projects aiming to not preserving the good will businesses have established with consumers; Often A.T laws breach targeting consumers and consumers associations or churches members and followers, when expressing taking distance from ill companies and organizations esp. from the latter employees; Anti-trust laws breach and including activities for oppression, persecutions and sequester of a person – kidnapping/false imprisonment – pursued by private industry sectors employees, workers or groups of employees and workers, together with corrupt police force and always without the supervision of a regular judicial responsibility administrator, and even without state legal attorney notifying investigation in progress to target citizens; Anti-trust laws breach by means of food/fluids poisoning, food and fluids poisoning with unlawful purpose for damaging the brains, by individuals or groups, companies/organizations employees and often catholic church communities members, poisoning  jews and the hebrew religion followers however with no limitation to poisoning jewish citizens, and poisoning by contamination with drugs and medication aiming to permanently damage the intellectual abilities; Ill-treatment, because of race, political or religious or even life-style belief, and ill-treatment including and with no limitation to anti-semitic activities by catholic church community members/followers; Anti-trust laws breach by means of brainwash, erasing memory data and information via software delivered to consumers with electronic devices and applications/web applications, also software incl.  and with no limitation to software delivered by TV/RADIO programmes, by  music and movie industry and also publishing industry,  making someone adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure; Mind poisoning or Psychic vampirism and Witchery/Woo-do practice, aiming to man’s intellectual abilities slaughtering by means of illegal and non legit practices in the western societies  and the western ” world of capitalism ” societies. Consider in addition kind of a secret policy communist catholics in  EU member states, have started to apply as we actually were in africa, policies by governments or their public administrations employees for birth control and supplying drugs and medications when contaminating food or fluids, served to target citizens often jews however with no limitation to the jews )

– Encouraging And Assisting Crimes 

( often pursued by catholics, inciting immigrant africans and generally speaking ignorant immigrants and to commit criminal offense. Catholics pursuing crimes and incitement with persecutions/oppression of jews, and often oppression of capitalism communities citizens incl. and with no limitation to Anglicans, Protestants )

– Identity Fraud And Theft; Practicing A Profession Without A License; Malpractice; Privacy And Data Protection Laws/Acts Breach; Racketeering

( often pursued by job agencies and job centers for making-over the possession of qualifications to others and often to racket members; by the public administration offices for pensions and national health systems and by the latter employees making-over the possession of insurance and coverage to others and often to racket members; also by catholic church communities members making-over the possession of monies and properties stated and listed on a will/legal document, to a different beneficiary – identity fraud and theft of a legitimate beneficiary and by means of fake ID documents released to another and often a racket member; See also: identity fraud and theft, with unlawful purpose for making-over the possession of identity,  technical and non-technical qualifications, certificates of attendance and achievements, academic rank conferred by a college or university after examination or after completion of a course of study, or conferred as an honor on a distinguished person. See also civil law-IT: falso materiale; Malpractice pursued by catholics taking responsibilities as an expert however with no appropriate course of training and education often up to a degree gathered at university, and nevertheless taking responsibilities without being appointed tasks/projects permitted and authorized by the authority or MP’s – parliament groups; Malicious prosecution and even abuse when in the exercise of a profession,  often criminal offence known as  ” falso ideologico “, see civil law-IT : “ the making of false statements in a document incl. and with no limitation to digital documents “;  Enforcing “ work under the table ”, with no contract of employment and distant from standard negotiations, incl. exploitation of members and associates within a profession and paid occupation, esp. one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification )

– Intimidation And Often Extortion; Malpractice; Embezzlement; Theft And Misappropriation, Fraud; 

( “ Media terrorism “ or terrorism pursued by the media industries and by means of mass media and mass communication – also part of telecommunication industry sector – and acting unlawfully for misappropriation of public money and of state funds, embezzlement with an aim for dividing into parts and to share with other same industry sector members/organizations such as mobile network providers and landline telephone system providers; Terrorism pursued by means of dissimulation, with a unlawful purpose and with particular ref. to TV networks and telecommunication industry companies/organizations, pursuing fraud when broadcasting unreal events reports and in the news or with journalism based programmes. See also civil law-IT: falso ideologico:  the making of false statements in a document including but with no limitation to video and audio documents, i.e: digital documents )

– Kidnapping; False imprisonment; Group boycott

( by means of enforced hospitality or enforcing citizens to share space and time and energy, with others who do not fall into a category for making appropriate conditions of being with others, – AGAINST THE CITIZENS WILL – and others being often criminal association members and members of organized crime following a mafia pattern; Group boycott pursued by catholic church members and communities,  enforcing citizens to stop working and stopping citizens from having an income, with unlawful purpose for wasting the citizens time and often aiming to exploitation of citizens for providing assistance to the elderly with no compensation.. <- NOT TOLERATED IN A DEMOCRACY BASED ON THE WALL OF SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE, INCL. CHURCHES;  Organized crime syndicate with activities protecting racketeering and arbitration of disputes in criminal markets; Criminal association with a mafia pattern; Truck system i.e: Communism attribute; Anti-semitism and persecutions – when enforcing citizens sharing or enforcing to stop sharing – often coercion of jews and oppression however not legitimated by a magistrate or arbitrator, and with unlawful purpose for non-legit sequestration of the jewish heritage )

-Malicious prosecution; Corruption; Bribery

( Accusations and charges together with oppression of jews and non-catholic citizens, for having a opinion that differs from the official nation’s one and with particular ref. to opinions widely accepted in a developed country in the western capitalist world, and opinions that differ from the ones of a catholic background country or member state, TODAY following communism, and often  opinions on death penalty, on general notions for democracy, on immigration laws and regulations, on hostility statements when avoiding ill treatment; NON legit activities/projects incl. accusations and criminal charges, occurring in countries such as the catholic-background member states and criminal charges often used for cases where citizens express racial thoughts or take distance from immigrants, incl. and no limitation to taking distance from communities members in EU who have not completed naturalization process, and taking distance however without committing actual criminal offense or racial hatred acts such as: segregation, imprisonment of immigrants,  tortures and persecutions. Citizens always taking distance from organized crime associations and members/groups; Competition law breach achieved by means of malicious prosecution and with no limitation to malicious prosecution, incl. in fact malpractice and false imprisonment with unlawful purpose for keeping committing offenses such as unfair commercial/trade practice or illegal competition practice )

– Segregation and kidnapping; False Imprisonment

( incl. and with no limitation to denial of the state of being free within society/societies from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior or political views and denial always occurring without official supervision, appropriate documentation and without notifications by a magistrate/arbitrator; Communists with a catholic background taking initiatives and without appropriate state/nation wide recognised authorizations, permissions and qualifications however communists’ and catholics’ lack of general notions for jurisdiction definition, negatively affecting life of a citizen/citizens,  by means of  unreal and non-authentic catholic magistrates, the latter qualifying for catholic background  member states universities only,  with a communist view for the economics, politics and the social policies )

NOTE :   ALL OF THE ABOVE DESCRIBES TO A REASONABLE EXTENT AND FOLLOWING IN-DEPTH LEVEL OF INVESTIGATION, WHAT CATHOLIC BACKGROUND COMMUNITIES AND THEIR MEMBER STATES, HAVE BEEN UP TO AND EMPLOYED FOR, HAVE BEEN WORKING ON AND FOR FEW DECADES, AND FOR THE ADVANTAGE OF A COMMUNIST VIEW FOR POLITICS, THE ECONOMICS  AND  COMMUNIST SOCIAL POLICIES  (i.e:  new-nazism, fascism also communism and socialism, sharing the unlawful purpose for working on a project based on illegal, non-legit tasks and activities described  above, crimes that are correlated  and aiming to abusing, false imprisonment, group boycott, racketeering, segregation, smuggling and to an extent prejudicial for non-catholic communities and citizens members, with particular  ref. to such anglicans, jews, methodists and also protestants and briefly,  CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY WITH EXCEPTION OF PHYSICAL TORTURES  AND  INCL. HOWEVER WITH NO LIMITATION TO PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURES  )


Customer/Client Isn’t Always Right However, Customer/Client Never Makes Mistakes


In connection with the above/attached document stating and summarizing the failure of E.U and in relation to the economics, politics and the social policies, following a failure for protecting natives of europe ( A CONSUMER MARKET, EU 28 member states ), we are TODAY alerting and by means of making the below statements: ” WE DO NOT take orders and definitely NOT from bastard citizens of EU republics, ( THE MERCHANTS ) and WE DO Not take orders even when carried by their immigrant servants the republics bastards made it a friend with, and often immigrant africans from africa however without completing naturalization* for E.U citizenship “

“ We give orders to MERCHANTS instead and pay due amounts and to republics bastards, ( THE MERCHANTS ) if and when the latter can show and prove real and authentic capitalism university degree or equivalent university level of education “. ( i.e: bringing authentic evidence to real and authentic experts such as real and authentic magistrates or arbitrators, departments of the government and the parliament lawyers and solicitors ).

Recent analysis and evaluations on data and information collected mostly around the london areas and in the UK, confirm in fact catholics irish and italians also lithuanians are TODAY negatively affecting lives of all the rest of US, negatively affecting our vision/sight and our mission for eradicating communism from the world of capitalism member states in EU. Exception applies TODAY to catholics from poland, just starting to understand and realizing we give those f*cking communists front roles for EU member states governments and for EU central government or regulators, and to keep communists in the spotlight and under magnifier lens, to ease our work for double checking and monitoring their work-related tasks and activities ( i.e: the surveillance of communist catholic countries representatives ), by means of real and authentic experts and “directors” often lawyers and solicitors from northern europe constitutional monarchies universities. ( universities in the world of capitalism )


 – “ Ireland … however lags behind others. [ According to ] the U. K……….. Ireland still lacks the necessary education and learning.”

– rep. of ireland no longer holds advanced/developed country attributes, and for there are too many south-africans ( whites and from south-africa ) living and working in ireland and also affecting lives of europeans, esp. when in the united kingdom and in the london areas; South africans in rep. of ireland and with a african background, bringing however their own opinions and custom for manipulating in advantage of a totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities ( i.e: police state )

– South Africans in fact and by means of manipulation of emotions and feelings of immigrant negroes coming from africa, and bringing TODAY a non-democratic vision into E.U, disguising thoughts and feelings or character with a democracy definition that doesn’t apply to any E.U member state in a developed/advanced countries group, and disguising by means of manipulating ignorant immigrants feelings and thoughts in connection with democracy and democratic systems.

– Catholics ( polish/spanish/hispanics ), started affecting US with attempts into making US lose balance and stability and for some spanish, still don’t know catholics ” heads ” in the EU institutions, are controlled and monitored as they were criminals just out of jail and members of organized crime. We’ve got communist catholics in EU,  raising heads and voice even above USA government institutions, and threatening americans and british with unlawful purpose for catholics to keep carrying on with their own criminal activities, and in lands of Europe do not even belong to any of them.
– Right after clarifying conditions and terms for them to keep privileges for staying in EU,  catholics started begging they DO NOT want to enter a WAR. [  ” BETWEEN US, catholics actually started the WAR, so why are they complaining ? What are they moaning about ? ” ]
– Catholics are so stupid, they don’t even understand reasons why their countries and member states, no longer have functional military armies or decent ones. [ ” BETWEEN US,  because we wanted IT that way. Catholic background member states in EU, with no military army or with NON-functional military army, and catholics then won’t be able to raise voice and heads above WASPS and USA ” ]

Such qualification for advanced/developed countries group membership, for republics like rep. of ireland is TODAY under discussion and review, and discussion together with arguments will follow to have rep. of ireland joining the group of sanctioned countries and for US to apply sanctions, should catholic irish keep ignoring WARNINGS .

The above statements also highlight the lack of knowledge ( ignorance and lack of general notions as well as lack of education for catholics ) around Democracy meanings and democratic systems definitions for the EU 28 member states, more reports will follow then explaining in detail and to initiate arguments and discussions for Immigration Laws and Regulations, discussions to take place however at E.U parliament in brussels nevertheless, same Laws and Regulations will apply and propagate to all 28 member states and thru inheritance** attributes, for the protection of rights and privileges native citizens of EU are entitled and rights and privileges also propagating to citizens who have actually been naturalized to be, stay and keep in control of European Union lands. ( THE CONSUMER MARKET )


” We won’t give up real and authentic democracy and democratic systems for making the merchants happy “


Democracy is STILL the first and main requirement for a European country to enter the E.U and  to keep entitlement for membership recognition, ( regular reviews are being carried out and within unstable member states such as the catholic background member states ) to keep ” benefits and privileges “ in addition, when granted access to EU consumer market ( THE CLIENT ) – Same principles and foundation are also applicable to irish from rep. of ireland ( THE MERCHANTS ) where apartheid systems, truck systems and police state addicted, do not fit right into any E.U member state’s economics, political and job market related scenario.

Democracy : separation of the main three responsibilities/powers for a civil government of a country or state. (i.e: legislative or the power to make laws; executive or the power to put laws into effect; judicial or the power for administration of justice )

– legislative: commonly assigned to a parliament/congress divided into two assembly rooms/chambers, and where representatives of the people/citizens/electors of a nation express their opinions or votes in relation to bills and laws, and sometimes raising matter for discussion and consideration in a parliament assembly, for laws making purpose and/or for making pressure on the executive power administrators to have laws applied. Parliament is in addition the only mean by which citizens can express sovereignty in a nation and for citizens/electors to use their very own legitimate faculty to amend/change/erase bills, laws and regulations.

– executive: is commonly assigned to ministers/departments of the government, circulating directives for laws and bills, to industry sectors main representatives and ministers/departments of a government, regulating as well as coordinating the work of all industry sectors actors, members and organizations, by means of propagation of legal acts and documents and EU directives to all children of the tree. (i.e: a social pyramid however with inheritance attributes where and when applicable, and attributes most common of which are Read, Write, Execute and Ownership) <- [ add  picture of root, tree and children for UNIX-like directory systems and with diagrams for attributes propagation thru inheritance ]

– judicial : commonly assigned to magistrates / judges handling responsibilities for legal proceedings and court hearings in connection with such illegal and non legit activities, tasks and projects; Not to be mistaken with prosecutors/state legal attorneys, commonly known to have responsibilities for official notifications, incl. and without limitation to notifications for investigation in progress to individuals or companies/organizations, and state legal attorney making decision on whether a arrest should be taken in consideration or court hearing should take place in front of a judge.

Above just a ” quick start “, summary of principles and foundations upon which democracy is based ( real and authentic democracy ) and to confirm every other entity in a democratic nation cannot remove aforementioned responsibilities or replace the aforementioned institutions ( parliament assembly , government departments, magistrates ) in addition, every other entity is bound to adhere with laws and bills by means of knowing ( studying and learning ) laws, bills and government departments/regulators directives.

Where and when a decision is made to be distant from laws and bills and with particular ref. to the attached list however with no limitation to the actual list, reports MUST be filed with officers at a police station or with members of the parliament and/or with ministers/departments of the government. ( no private and ” home-made ” initiative will be tolerated across the 28 member states, [ exception may or may not apply to self-defense however when life is under immediate threat of slaughtering only. WE DO NOT acknowledge citizens seeking justice by themselves however citizens under certain circumstances, may or may not be excused for killing someone in order to save a human life when the latter is under immediate threat ] )

Generally speaking citizens, groups and communities or even police officers, are NOT permitted to have their own ” home-made rules and methods “ upon which claiming laws breach and with a unlawful purpose for negatively affecting lives of citizens and lives of all of US, when “ MAKING REF. TO STATEMENTS/RULES THAT ARE LAWS/BILLS NEVER PASSED PARLIAMENT ASSEMBLY EXAMINATION “, (i.e: a widely used illegal practice pursued by catholic church of rome communities and members/followers, with unlawful purpose to keep pursuing illegal competition practice and to keep pursuing unfair commercial/trade practices )

NOTE : ” rules ” including and with no limitation to agreements, service contracts or codes of conduct, mandatory for such a business/trade in a world of capitalism country ( incl. and with no limitation to EU 28 member states ), for the purpose of proving and bringing evidence industry sectors actors and members/organizations, gained appropriate university level of education and knowledge ( i.e: gained license, authorizations and permissions for trading within EU ) however “rules”, based on beliefs and regulations that are not approved or confirmed by a parliament assembly examination, and “rules” that do NOT adhere with laws/bills and regulations confirmed by a parliament assembly examination, MUST NOT be considered in a breach or offense and commerce/trade laws MUST be used as a reference instead ( i.e: “ We do not want to be annoyed or bothered, the wasting of time with any such a comment or matter that does not refer to any laws or bills approved and confirmed by a legit parliament assembly examination “)


– Rules for using facilities such as gym clubs and leisure centers .

MUST comply with laws such as : Terms and conditions recognized as non intrusive of someone’s privacy and confidentiality eligibility; Terms and conditions making workers/employees subject to calling public officials should matter for disputes raise; Terms and conditions that adhere with and are not in conflict with, laws and bills approved by either a local parliament and E.U’s.

More clearly the above means :

– We want the freedom to access gym clubs or leisure centers, without being enforced being friend with any such a member of a leisure center and with particular ref. to when, different social class members are present in the same place or location. ( although we make the most efforts to “test and verify” there aren’t any ) – Social class or simply “class”, as in a class society, is a set of concepts in the social sciences and political theory centered on models of social stratification in which people are grouped into a set of hierarchical social categories, the most common being the upper, middle, and lower classes as well as the third-world, developing and developed/advanced countries.

– We want the freedom in addition, to have access to gym clubs or leisure centers after settling the payment due, without being enforced to be friend with any “such a cunt” working at leisure centers. ( we do however make the effort, for the choice of a most suitable leisure center or gym club for ourselves, to have analysis and evaluations carried out based on “tests and trials”, based on a membership fee level, on recurring payments level and based on locations )

– We don’t want to be ” enforced being friend with any poor bastard with salary level of a proletariat member “, ( i.e: sequester of a person ) having access to gym facilities or leisure centers, ” free of charge and for they are friends with reception staff or personal trainers ” ( i.e: communism ).

– We don’t want to be enforced being friend with any poor bastard with a communist view of the economics, politics, the social policies and the job market ( i.e: labour economics for the understanding of the functioning and dynamics of the markets for wage labour )

NOTE : “Being friend with” = the wasting of time, money and energy in the broadest sense


Following confirmed criminal behavior, attitude and crimes listed on attached document however with no limitation to the actual list attached, and following confirmed organized crime membership together with lack of knowledge ( ignorants ), accusations are official and against irish and italians, ( catholics irish and italians however, accusations with no limitation on accusing irish and italians only, and accusing instead the catholic background member states within EU ), for exploitation and manipulation of workers/laborers ( including and with no limitation to immigrants from africa and proletariat social class members from eastern european countries, well known for being ignorant and with low i.q level, as well as without appropriate and sufficient level of education ), and catholics however encouraging crimes by lying about laws and regulations that are not into effect in any E.U developed/advanced member state, catholics encouraging and assisting crimes in addition, when lying about laws and regulations NOT confirmed by brussels’ E.U parliament examination. Catholics encouraging and assisting crimes with a unlawful purpose that falls into a category of being in conflict with anti-trust laws, and catholics encouraging crimes such as group boycott and persecutions with anti-semitic activities .

Aforementioned countries and member states then, with a catholic background unlikely can be considered with real and authentic general notions for democracy, nor they belong to developed/advanced countries group for it is widely accepted they place limitations on “citizens liberty of expression/opinions “, in advantage of their own catholic church of rome communities and members, and for the benefits of merchants only together with the latter racketeering system and non-legit businesses.

Placing limitations on citizens liberty of expression/opinions, in the same way catholics would with ” omissions ” charges if English law wasn’t protecting US for omitting helping their members ( catholic background member states’s ), and english laws protecting US when assigning highest priority to the ” MINDING OF OUR OWN BUSINESS ” instead – ( i.e: making money in a legit and legal way, a ” dirty ” capitalist and multi-national bank business; Regardless of what communist catholics have in mind, financial resources and revenues are the most important and only assets for “dirty” world of capitalism societies – Highest Priority Applies – NO TIME TO WASTE WITH HELPING THE CATHOLICS AND THEIR NON EU-NATURALIZED FRIENDS )

We ought to start raising matter for discussion and consideration then, to have those catholic background f*cking countries and member states exiting E.U ( i.e: secession ), based on the fact we have different beliefs in connection with general notions for democracy and the widely accepted definition in our own advanced/developed countries; based on the fact Abram Lincoln wouldn’t have even started his battle to abolish slavery system if “crimes for having a opinion” charges were in fact legit; based on the fact catholic background member states have no awareness and still do ignore meanings and definitions, for jurisdictions and limitations on responsibilities.

Secession is also required based on the fact we wouldn’t have TODAY such a nation like  U.S.A, if arrest and then court trials or segregation had occurred for such opinion-crime; based on the fact there is no such a benefit for US to keep staying in a UNION and together with catholic background member states citizens, for we are in fact wasting time and money/financial resources and assets, for constraints and limitations on our own legit and legal work-related activities, in our own legit and legal jurisdictions and constraints and limitations arranged by catholic church of rome communities and members/followers, without permissions and authorizations of any parliament assembly. We are in addition wasting precious time and financial resources and assets, also experiencing restrictions on our own legit privileges for the use of our own legitimate faculty to have regular and paid occupation, esp. one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification, and aiming to ” GET THE MOST OUT OF ” the world of capitalism society structure. ( i.e: Salary of GBP 250K+ together with bonus of GBP 20m and over and each year for “ WE JUST DON’T GIVE A DAMN ” about work and jobs positions catholic communities, and their own member states have to offer or positions compensated with roughly GBP 800-1200 or less , per month and maybe b4 tax even ).

Catholics apparently cannot bring into EU legit and legal businesses and trades, and without the widely spread bad habit for money laundering tasks, catholics have appointed to russian federation citizens living in EU and russian federation citizens moving doubtful financial resources and assets back into EU borders. Catholic communities trades and businesses, cannot offer work positions that fall into a category for making appropriate sharing space and time with others. We may as well do better without catholic background member states ( incl. and with no limitation to rep. of Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain ) and without catholic communities members ( i.e: TIME WASTERS ).

Also matter for discussion and consideration at EU parliament in brussels, is TODAY urgent and for proceeding with sequestration of properties supposedly belonging to russian federation citizens living in EU, ( i.e: communists ) and to have the latter bank accounts ” locked ” in order to make pressure on russians and for them to start packing for going back to their own country and lands.

Catholic italians and irish ( with no limitation to irish and italians ) however manipulating catholic background member states laborers and workers, with unlawful purpose for oppression of jews (i.e: anti-semitism ) and oppression of british/english communities and communities members, oppression in addition of northern europe constitutional monarchies communities members ( the anglicans and protestants ), and catholic italians and irish committing crimes with a unlawful purpose to keep acting illegally and to conduct non legit work-related tasks within the merchants organizations and industry, aiming to set economics values and principles for the EU based on merchants illegal activities and often merchants supported by public and state funds, obtained with extortion of public money when the telecommunication industry sector actors and organizations, are manipulative and secretly supervising the citizens activities, ( i.e: a police state with cooperation of corrupted police officers and with unlawful purpose to keep with pursuing, a not even well hidden unfair commercial/trade practice, in conflict with anti-trust/competition laws and regulations )

       Link Hole ’n’, A Bra Am                                           STATE of THE eUNION summary – Jan 2015



* naturalization process: still takes up to 30 yrs for first generations and up to 26 yrs together with university level of education, qualifications and a title of study obtained in a real and authentic world of capitalism university, for second generation. ( i.e: on-line universities course of studies are not recognized as a valid title of study )

** inheritance: property and attribute applicable when discussion and consideration in a local civil government parliament isn’t a requirement for the application of laws and regulations. ( Unlike matter such as the matter in connection with the death penalty, and that is matter for  discussion and consideration that will take place in each and every member state parliament/electors representatives assembly, and matter that is also a domain of judicial responsibility administrators, and therefore avoiding offending and insulting catholic sense of those ” f*cking communist ignorant and bastards, belonging to and following the catholic church of rome ” )


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