Am DV On ( Devon ), A Real Leather ( Letter )

after leaving behind that accommodation for security and safety reasons however making me a little miserable,
in the morning a meeting with building management will take place and meanwhile a search for  alternatives elsewhere has started already though, figures presented are much much higher when compared to figures that were signed in the former agreement. 


With ref. to the former accommodation then a full refund will be confirmed but council tax ( for 2014 ), and answering to you questioning about ways to have you understanding what is going on, or asking for financial help with such a subtle manner, maybe it’s a bit of both then sharing with you and  creating it a ” safety net ” at the same time, should things about work start turning for the worse.
Concerning the odd skin reaction i had recently mentioned  and that has been found being a allergic side-effect to a mix of detergent and chemicals, [ will get the equivalent of ‘ Bacteriological and Chemicals Weapons Squad ‘ to investigate more on the origin of this solvent though, a initial investigation brought to light evidence of intruders entering premises and changing rooms, catholics and aggressive, communists adding this solvent to the usual soap ] and giving rise to very dry hands and covered in lumps, also skin rash on the rest of the body has been recently experienced. 

At work, a brand new additional project was also recently introduced and a short while ago still too early to talk about, and instead Stanford University has come forward seeking TA ( teacher assistant ) for their own Engineering classes however, in london and in EU in general it’s so hard to find someone who is adult enough and ready yet to take on real and authentic commitment; Contacts with Stanford University have well established and for a few years and always for projects with a quick turn around and very close in time. 

Between US this project is to do with the war department of the government, american’s ( US ) and  british and primarily a work of strategy but no diplomacy at all, and to care for and keeping monitored interests of United States ( investments in europe since WWII end ) and even more the interests of both capitalism in Great Britain and United States.  Today those departments are named Department of Defense or National Security Agencies, and still departments of the government moving military armies and forces and coordinating their work, matter of fact also managing tasks for projects and work bringing harsh feelings into existence and between governments, to control then hostile and threatening mood.


For the moment all that can be said circa project goals, costs and funds or public funds ( state funds ) will be cut for most companies and organizations within the merchant industry sector, for security agencies in member states with catholic background and even for companies and organizations in the telecommunication industry sector, everything will turn then into hands of anglo-saxons ( governments of northern europe and non catholic background governments ) and the latter departments of the government far from the catholic church of rome.

Chaos created it by catholic governments ( or better said by public administration employees of those governments ), has taken many to consider and to start getting in place a response by cutting connections and resolving trust relationships however, it’s matter related to public affairs to avoid further waste of financial resources and to spend better and less, then a war will be when the catholics had taken aggressive and violent action first.

In relation to you suggesting being more polite and checking on language, i can only argue  ” Being Nice ” is a comparison term with different perception depending on location where we are, for the english ” being nice ” is more or less equivalent to WASTE NO TIME; KEEP SAFETY DISTANCE; TAKE CLEAR, LOUD  AND UNAMBIGUOUS POSITION IN ORDER TO AVOIDING THE SCHIZOPHRENICS AND PERSISTENT PROCRASTINATION ADDICTED

WHETHER your perplexities and worries make sense however they seem not much realistic,  what’s been just written above confirm a work position is balanced and stable and with very good reasons to conceal further details, and information with data for methods and timing, as well as with milestones and project development duration, in fact only some of our clients have been mentioned and together with a summary of goals set to achieve, and getting then results.

It’s a matter of politics only, to stop wasting financial resources and to start spending better and less. Whether a war is to become true that will be for catholics have attacked first, and lately catholics in EU are very aggressive ( persistent and regular in taking aggressive and violent action against British Citizens and against United States of America’s ) and there is no reference to governments and corruption you suggest, it’s all in relation to companies or organizations or people in both the private and public sector, aiming to embezzlement ( of public money ) with crimes and felonies that are relevant to anti-semitism; birth control with illegal proceedings; extortion; false imprisonment; making false statements on documents incl. digital documents; poisoning and sabotage of intellectual skills and abilities; racketeering; terrorism by using media; threatening the British as well as United States of America’ Citizens with chemicals and solvents harming health and skin, in addition to violent and aggressive actions to destroy additional senses all of US following anglosaxons and the hebrew churches and communities develop; well hidden police state; etc… etc…)

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