Don’t ever go to the home of thieves and to walk off with stolen goods

‘ Hello !

please help me to learn and understand membership options currently avail. at your club. I was in a different gym box club already and earlier this year so i don’t need to go on a tour of the facility, eventually a description of your changing rooms will be more than sufficient, to understand whether lockers are accurately fitted with a safety distance in between one another, and benches are placed underneath lockers walls to avoid turning my back and my eyes away from my stuff and when getting changed; [ A 4 levels security system device to unlock lockers would also be awesome ]

Please reply with average age of members, i’d rather stay around with adults or uni graduates and even better if with academic degree in engineering or alternatively lawyers/solicitors; marketing experts; recruiting agencies/headhunters staff members. Currently working on a project for EU government/MP’s groups then connections and for hiring ( and recruiting ) project leaders as well as team members with the aforementioned skills and abilities, are most welcome as well as most convenient to shorten the recruiting phase. ( i.e: ability and skills to quickly pick messages up and to show real and authentic adult thinking, getting over fears and shyness in a matter of seconds as well as proving being keen on real and authentic commitments for real and authentic jobs or work positions, are part of temperament we are interested the most when around other club members )

Am also a member with a different gym network however things started to go wrong from day one, and in almost 5 weeks now things got for the worse (i.e: gym kit that doesn’t get returned, sauna that doesn’t get properly cleaned and sanitized, [ too old members joking around and playing games swapping dirty towels ], underwear that disappear getting US to the conclusion mentals or far too happy and unstable people are around in the club, or maybe joining the eve. cleaning staff members and after business hours for a free ride of gym equipments however, leaving so much dirt behind and disgusting club members for how inconsiderate they are with clients who actually paid for their ”  free meal “.  Free rides addicted then ( communists ) nevertheless affecting balance and  stability of US and ditching in a matter of seconds, the benefit of a full gym training session we go thru to distress and to get rid of frustrations in connection with  work and job tasks.

In addition to all of the aforementioned problems listed, and with a gym club i have now left behind, electrical equipment wasn’t meeting criteria and requirements for safety of members and members guests, or the safety of staff and employees even.  What annoys US the most however, is we joined a club for then making use of  a squash court and in fact that will never happen for additional frustrations and stress we actually accumulate and making US feeling 15 years older in just about 5 weeks. Can you imagine spending a whole year in such clubs, for people engaged in a 12 months commitment ?

How much older would they get at the end of such a contract ?

Last but not least.. people around in the club do not appear to be members nor  members guests also they don’t come across as staff members nor instructors nor PT either… and that is annoying and also bothering when in fact jeopardizing Balance, Creativity,  Integrity, Stability,  Trust and for all of US –

best wishes,

Daniel Steel

NOTE: for a definition of membership options please refer to any FF gym club table and available from their website ‘



NOTE: For definition of FAMILY please see also FAMILY BUSINESS and Mafia. The Largest and Richest Network, With Connections and even Inter-Connections On The Entire Globe. ( a church )

Non andare mai a rubare e in casa di ladri


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