Thai Tall

Requiring Immediate Attention – Jurisdictions and then limitations on responsibilities to the one member state of the Union where a uni degree was conferred; Where the official

has been attending training and education to carry out work-related tasks; Where the official repeatedly exercise in or performs an activity or skill, so as to acquire or maintain proficiency for the practice; ( i.e: restrictions for responsibilities to the member state where a assignment was REGULARLY obtained and for police officers, prosecutors – state legal attorneys and magistrates. Only exception applies to Int’l Criminal Court of Justice in The Hague – NL ).

Please see below results of initial investigation however conducted without the customary legal formalities, around events regularly happening in the london area. [ File records and stats show similar circumstances occur at least twice in two consecutive weeks ]


Catholics ( irish/italians/hispanic/spanish ), and IT TV showgirls too ( ” or the circle of friends of those bitches ” ), are taking aggressive and violent actions once more, and starting it into making attempts to steal from US and by means of attacks against British citizens and US’ .

Catching TV’s from latin america ( southern america ) and ” seducing ” security officers and bouncers,  allowing non-members and not even members’ guests or club’s, into changing rooms to ” observe furtively ” on US, acquiring unlocking key to access our lockers and properties, mixing then chemicals and solvents to soap and detergent and adding Drag Queens’ ( TV’s ) drugs to our food and fluids.

Corrupt police officers and from catholic background member states embassies or general consulates, also appear to be involved and with particular ref. to when addicted to hanging out with drag queens, and corrupt police officers apparently introducing themselves as inspectors investigating on US however, to attain instead opportunities to get to our lockers and properties.

please take care,

Marc Thomson Barnes


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