L’Ultima Eclissi – A.D 1995


On 2015-03-17, at 11:37 AM, alex andraj wrote:
with ref. to americans meeting me @ the club, it is not a good time to unless you want the rest  [ of  them ] thinking americans are involved with work we are carrying out, and this would be a danger for NYC or washington both administrations and citizenship. We report instead to our own EU gov./regulators, arbitrators and magistrates and MP or MP’s groups in brussels’s, and soon enough there will be the ” most significant ” spending review for EU member states with jobs and costs cuttings across all the merchants industry; Will be massive and no ” pillows ” will be taken into consideration for anyone [ of  them ] this time. Please refrain then from sending americans around, on going investigations over paris recent events ( jan. events ),  are taking US to consider either russian or polish catholics involvement, grabbing state funds and public money thereafter ( embezzlement and extortion ), for reasons that are similarly fabricated and with ref. to the post pressed earlier on this year. [ http://wp.me/p11Wmh-ay – Eng. ver. with minor changes and punctuation revised ]

Quote  “

at some point in life, all of US have no other way out if not by turning ourselves into a Real and Authentic Bitch. Attaining it a way out of a net and a maze, catholics bastards build around all of US. Getting lives of US back, as well as getting R.O.T.W ( Rest Of The World ) turning backs to the very same catholics bastards, and starting then denying liberty to each and every of the very same catholic bastard. ( Iron Curtain, Episode II )

Dolores Claiborne “

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