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From: Alex Andraj <>

Subject: rev C: accommodation and club security systems have been tampered with ( twice over the last 4 days )

Date: 16 April, 2015 7:17:46 PM GMT+01:00

To: bjb A <>,

Bcc: Txx Jarrxxx <>,, sxxxx jaxxxx <>, messanera <>, Julie L Tersxxxxx <>, uncut top <>

On 2015-04-12, at 7:14 PM, alex andraj wrote:

more catholic SIT from southern italy and Lazio; rep. of  ireland and south america/latin america however, catholic polish girls also were incorreclty granted access to premises, and to job positions they are not fully qualified and trained for.  All of the aforementioned categories are bothering and negatively affecting all of US when also granted access to premises such as clubs they’re not members and to dwellings they are not entitled, with a purpose to fabricate evidence when getting close to our own properties and belongings, and when taking advantage of US being on medication and then lightly disconnected.

place take care,
Alex AndRaj



On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 10:34 am

 Discussion Highlights: Cold War II

” straight to the point “
dear Amanda,
your experiment is a bit of a waste of time for the question is wrongly asked to start with, communists have already taken aggressive and violent actions ( started it a war )   and it’s been going on for years.
weapons are in fact bacteriological and chemical weapons and no plans to use nuclear weapons are in the works whatsoever. Latin American countries in addition,  aren’t puppets of Americans ( US ) and in fact helping Russians with spreading bacteriological and chemical weapons against all of US citizens and against world of capitalism citizens.  ( also EU member states such as rep. of Ireland, Italy, Poland and Spain are involved and taking part in helping russians, standing on the side with Russians and harming, threatening citizens in the world of capitalism ) Investigations   on citizens who were living and are from the then Eastern Germany, DDR, are also  regular tasks and part of a project with DOD and NSA on-going activities however, investigations  always without the customary legal formalities.
No cold war mood is in place thenand that is mentioned in below comments. Active, harsh and endless series of aggressive and violent actions taken by communists ( war and with Latin Americans helping communists ) instead, are already in a course of action even though communist armies members are wearing civilian clothing and hiding in hospitality industry leisure and fitness centers,  medical doctors practices, in organizations and companies  of a industry for telecommnocations, in TV and radio networks business, media or broadcasting companies, hiding in the workplace and often in the same household with US
please take care,
Marc Thomson Barnes

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To:;                                Subject: Discussion Highlights: Cold War II

Hi there! As I’m sure you know, discussions on Disqus can get..long. Have the time (or inclination) to read through 700 comments? Probably not.Well, you’re in luck! We’ve pulled together just the highlights from an in-depth conversation you were recently part of: If War Were to Happen Between Russia and the U.S. What Would Happen?

Get the Highlights →

Once you’ve had a chance to check out our little experiment, let us know what you think! (Does it look good? Is the content interesting? Does it feel representative of the original?)
Feel free to respond directly to this email. 🙂


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