A American ( A Mary Can )

           Following recent anomalies, events and findings with NHS connected practices’ and hospitals’ activities  in the London area (UK),  we are about to allow information to be generally available and with very first report on public and state financed national health/sanitary services across EU member states.
– With an aim to raise matter for discussion and consideration and for USA government administration taking over the current government administration in EU, ( 28 member states, parliament and regulators in brussels ) and to reinstate current, legal and legit and orthodox procedures within the public sector, national sanitary services and pharmaceutical distribution industry, thru up to date training for administrative staff members in EU ( 28 member states ) and with reviews of doctors eligibility to perform in the role following Hippocratic oath, and following training and education for legal terms and constraints for a doctor within EU member states. ( incl. and no limitation to compulsory registration with professional association or doctors societies )

– Aforementioned matter for discussion and consideration also to resolve difficulties, issues and problems all of US go through when access to benefits such as private insurance coverage is required and when in EU, in particular when a insurance policy is with a EU insurance company regulated by EU regulators for ” Credit Management and Financial Institutions Industry ” , and insurance company supplying policies and a coverage for health related matter, medical expenses and for sanitary services in private clinics or hospitals.

          In connection with NHS project then, appointed by british MP’s groups in brussels, to consulting companies and organizations, to technical advisors/experts and with legal supervision of the one law firm also a multinational organization and with subsidiaries also registered in all three  ” Benelux ” territories, british members of the parliament groups in brussels however, consulting companies / advisors and multinational law firm,  for the monitoring and surveillance of industries operations to adhere with directives approved by head-office and administration directors for national sanitary services, and industry directives however compliant/conforming to government laws and regulations. ( Industries operations also incl. however with no limitations to the public sector’s, pharmaceutical industries’ and national sanitary services’ across 28 members states )

– immediate attention is then required by lawmakers across all EU members states and by EU parliament in Brussels, for changing laws and regulation and to make benefit for private insurance coverage availability, as straight-forward as it can be, in a similar way this happens already in USA and where, handling a credit card to a desk clerk in a hospital and a credit card by which we pay insurance policy premium, with coverage for medical expenses, and a policy that can be traced on the system by credit card details. [ TODAY in EU we still have national sanitary service,  A&E, General Practices, hereinafter GP doctor or specialist, releasing a response and a diagnosis before getting US referred for activating the insurance coverage for private health system/service ]

          Also requiring immediate attention, evidence of lack of training and education for administrative staff members working @ GP’s and to acknowledge inspections on how admin employees and workers react when placed under pressure, inspections and surveys on how employees and workers handle stress and frustrations over working hours and administrative staff members @ GP in addition, resistant and reluctant to learning and understanding MUST-HAVE for second opinions and then further consultation, when common and essential prerequisites aren’t met or in place for handling trust and establishing trust relationship. Admin staff also unaware of standard procedures and routine to have diagnosis and prognosis confirmed by a second opinion under certain circumstances. Administrative staff members also showing  being unaware of a more appropriate A&E department available at most hospitals and for emergencies and urgent matter relating to health/sanitary issues.

In addition to the aforementioned problems and issues please note:

  • A&E departments in hospitals are introducing nurses pretending to be doctors and releasing prescriptions for medications, recognized and standard chemist would not supply;
  • Anomalies with doctors allocations @ a General Practice ;
  • Breach of hippocratic oath and of legal terms for performing a role of a doctor, (  professional association/doctors societies ban is then required )  and breach in connection with data and information on health status and medication prescriptions for a patient, MUST be kept  ” private and confidential ” between a doctor and a patient;
  • Flaws with GP introducing nurses in place of doctors.
See below a conversation sample between a patient and a GP where evidence of lack of training and education for administrative staff members has been brought to light, also lack of knowledge on Hippocratic oath doctors are bound to, and to performing a role as an associate to a profession. Lack of training and education in addition, for admin staff members, and on legal terms and constraints doctors agree to stay registered with professional association. ( i.e: avoiding taking the risk of a ban from professional association/doctors societies records )
Also affected by unusual proceedings of these GP’s, insurance coverage and the policy sold by a insurance company NHS signs up with. (i.e: GP’s denying abiding by directives, laws and legal terms, confirmed by both the gov. and NHS directors, allow insurance companies to be in a position for denying a coverage and denying issuing payments, should necessity for requesting access to coverage benefit arise. A insurance policy is in fact mandatory/compulsory however, insurance companies can make a claim for breach of legal terms and thereafter deny coverage.




On 2015-04-17, at 9:11 PM,
 dear Sue Neville,
there are a few things coming across not quite right at your practice and raising matter for discussion and consideration.

A  dr. Baumgarten comes across with a rather so called attitude, and with very rude behavior and mannerism ( i.e: ” we can’t be arsed “ handling trust and won‘t establish trust relationship with Er. Baumgarten. No confidential data or information are to be released to Er. Baumgarten or whoever introduced himself as dr. Baumgarten. In fact a form of ID, passport or any proof of ID wasn’t asked however, doubts have currently been raised for the person meeting US on Tuesday, whatever his name is, may or may not be a doctor. )

In relation to confidentiality, it is rather different matter and distant from data protection act, privacy and sensitive data; Data, Discussions, Consultation and conversations, Information in relation to health status of a patient or medication, are to be kept confidential and between doctor and patient only. ( Same rules apply when meeting with lawyersolicitor or a priest for confession however, also stated by law makers )

 in connection with practice registration all details are clear, what comes across rather odd is Your staff denied allocating a doctor. ( i.e: A allocated GP doctor can be seen after scheduling an appointment and for urgent matter or emergenciesA&E departments are available at most hospitals; A dr. available to taking over the work of allocated GP doctor can be seen when scheduling appointments, and when allocated GP doctor is not available for holiday, illness or away for up to date training. ) Urgent health matter with a dr. who is almost unknown, IS OUT OF CONVERSATION.

Taking medication on and with a prescription written by a doctor who was only just introduced, and without a second opinion first isn’t anywhere close to wise practice, in fact meeting dr. Molineux on Wednesday and after medication prescription was released at A&E in south london hospital, is standard procedure. It takes a little while to handle trust and establish trust relationship with a doctor, and when aware the chemist staff are also monitoring prescriptions patients take with themselves )


 your messaging system is rather odd, and that is the reason why email address was used for the first message whereas Daniel Steel uses the website form.  Daniel Steel is a insurer/insurance company dr, and also legal advisor or expert, following this matter and trying to understand why the practice made decisions to take initiatives far from NHS directives conforming to laws and regulations. [technical details of the messaging system problems, won‘t be released on this occasion although they come across rather bizarre, it is however matter pertaining discussion and consideration with engineering and technical department ]

take care.
Daniel Steel

Sent: 17 April 2015 15:43
To: pipervu/@me.com
Cc: Beresford Diane (NHS CITY AND HACKNEY CCG)
Subject: re letter

Dear Sir
Thank you for you e-mail regarding your visit to our practice.
Firstly can I assure you that Dr Baumgarten is a genuine GP who has been with us for many years and is very experienced. He is very popular with our patient and very respected by colleagues. Even when we employ locum doctors we check their credentials thoroughly so there is no doubt as to their suitablilty.
Secondly when we register patients we register them with the practice not a particular GP. You can see whichever GP you choose and the only stipulation is that you are prepared to wait if you wish to see your doctor of choice. If you need an emergency appointment you might have to see whoever is available.
Thirdly you are concerned about confidentiality. Can I assure you that we take this matter very seriously and data is only shared with the patients consent and certainly never outside of the NHS.
I hope this answers some of your questions and if not please feel free to contact me.
Yours sincerely
Sue Neville
Practice Manager
The Neaxxxx Practice
15 Half Moon Court
London ECxx xxx
Tel: xxx xxx xx 
Fax: xxx xxx xxx 


This message may contain confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient please inform the
sender that you have received the message in error before deleting it.
Please do not disclose, copy or distribute information in this e-mail or take any action in reliance on its contents:
to do so is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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On 2015-04-15, at 10:03 PM, 

dear Sue Neville, 
thanks’ for helping US with GP ( general practice ) registration back on monday this week, after reading your practice leaflet and the INFO printed on the leaflet, we made decision to contact the practice and the manager once more, for irregular and unusual procedures currently in place at Your practice. ( in conflict with gov. and NHS administration directives )After  seeing both Dr. Baumgarten and Dr. Molyneux scheduling appointments on two different days,  i’d like to report back ( feedback ) around a few little things coming across rather odd things.i was introduced to a doctor with a rather so called attitude, and with very rude behavior and mannerism when dealing with patients, raising matter for discussion and consideration he may or may not be real and authentic doctor, in fact  he may not be suitable doctor for England. ( graduating in germany can be a weakness when graduating in the then eastern germany, DDR ).
we have met instead with Dr. Molyneux who sounds a lot more straight forward however, confirming a diagnosis of A&E equivalent service at the Hospital in South London, and a diagnosis apparently not quite correct. ( i.e: according to physiotherapy team at my club who also may qualify as experts on the matter )
we also met with the one receptionist with long dark hair, who was unable to allocate a dr. in the practice and stating the practice doesn’t follow gov. and NHS directives and therefore, we will always see a different doctor according to who is available on the day.  [ that is supposed to only happen when the allocated dr. is on holiday or not avail for reasons in connection with sick days or with up to date training ]

what worries US the most however, is confidentiality between a doctor and his/her patients that no longer occurs for information may then be shared across the practice doctors, and becoming unusual and quite unsafe for patients too. In addition to lack of trust and missing trust relationship between Dr. and a patient that no longer occurs, for obvious reasons.

i have now discussed the matter with doctors living in the very same building where my girlfriend lives, and also discussed the very same matter with doctors working in the administration department at the hospital i have the pleasure to work with, and confirming what i am reporting above is not a orthodox procedure and for we may incur in seeing doctors who do not belong to the practice, turning up for the appointment pretending to be someone else ( impersonating a doctor ) and with intentions to harm our health with prescriptions and medications we are not supposed to be left with. 

            In addition to above weaknesses and findings following investigation also conducted without legal formalities, inconsistent and improper messaging system between a patient and the practice has been detected, further discussions and reviews however are to involving technical and engineering department staff members for NHS .
i.e:  Health and Social Care Information Centre
Registrant Organization: Health and Social Care Information Centre
Registrant Street: Vantage House
Registrant City: Leeds
Registrant State/Province: Yorkshire
Registrant Postal Code: LS1 4HT
Registrant Country: UK
Registrant Phone: +44.113397xxxx
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +44.121333xxxx
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: liz.willxxxxs@nhsia.nhs.uk
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Solxxxx, Navin
Admin Organization: Health and Social Care Information Centre
Admin Street: Prospect House, 2nd Floor
Admin City: Redditch
Admin State/Province: West Midlands
Admin Postal Code: B97 6EW
Admin Country: UK
Admin Phone: +44.152758xxxx
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax: +44.152758xxxx
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email: Navin.Soxxxxi@nhs.net
Registry Tech ID:
Tech Name: Solxxxx, Navin
Tech Organization: Health and Social Care Information Centre
Tech Street: Prospect House, 2nd Floor
Tech City: Redditch
Tech State/Province: West Midlands
Tech Postal Code: B97 6EW
Tech Country: UK
Tech Phone: +44.152758xxxx
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax: +44.152758xxxx
Tech Fax Ext:
>>> Last update of whois database: Sun, 19 Apr 2015 06:41:11 GMT <<< )




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