A L I E N S – r.c: A

Please note following further analysis and evaluation on EU ( 28 member states ) trends, we are below reporting  matter that has to be addressed urgently and for stats analysis raising doubts on foreigners and immigrants or guests suitability to live, stay and work in EU (i.e: within EU 28 member states borders )

The very first problem to be addressed is in connection with level of education where many have been found with wrong belief or incorrect education within subjects such as geography, with particular reference to the actual borders of European Continent however also in connection with European continent definition. Currently misunderstood and therefore reviews of geography knowledge and understanding MUST be accomplished before signing a contract of employment with foreigners, guests, immigrants or visitors. ( i.e: members of a community of those who were not born within EU borders ) and ensuring by means of tests and examinations, the correct understanding and differences between:

  • A- EU
  • B- European continent or Europe
  • C- Mainland europe or continental europe
NOTE: the above also applicable to any EU citizen willing to sign a contract of employment or service agreement with a consulting company ( incl. and with no limitation to architects firms, engineering industry, dentist clinics, law firms, private clinics  etc etc … ) and to bring evidence having sufficient and correct level of education to live, stay and work in any EU member state.  ( see also: ” US Citizenship Test and Interview ” details for a more in-depth understanding of minimum pre-requisites to be eligible for citizenship and to live, stay and work in a country that belongs to others )


Also matter to be urgently addressed, is in connection with adults not getting updated and frequently updated, with info and data on actual governments activities, projects and projects tasks. It’s common belief among london citizenship, governments actually track people and citizens by means of privacy laws breach and with confidential matter disclosed however, what WESTERN CAPITALIST SOCIETIES gov’s are working on in fact, is NOT related to tracking people or citizens whereas EU instead,  eastern european countries or member states, have been found tracking citizens on several occasions (i.e: making it a record of private and confidential information and data ).

NOTE: in addition to the above statements D.O.D and N.S.A still can and MUST at times, independently over-rule/override laws and regulations and for the safety of citizenship and with particular ref. to the protection of financial resources and economical matter, for CAPITALISM WESTERN  SOCIETIES.
Briefly, DOD and NSA ( department of defense and national security agencies ) often do act independently from the gov. and in particular when at war or in emergency circumstances, ( which is currently the case in EU ) nevertheless, DOD and NSA always keeping the parliament informed and at all times. In case of emergency  ( which is currently the case across EU 28 member states ), there is not enough time to have the parliament members going through a law making process and then change permissions and authorizations or even laws, for the aforementioned government institutions to act on urgent matter. Likewise, the church of england DO protect members and followers, as well as protecting members and followers financial resources and economical interests/matter, and even without consent of a parliament and without even being bothered requesting authorizations and permissions. ( i.e: Applies to UK – England and Wales – and to all CAPITALISM WESTERN COUNTRIES, MEMBER STATES AND SOCIETIES where CAPITALISM = ” NOT CATHOLICS ” )
Similar conditions however with some further discussion required and not the matter of this post, applies to professions such as doctors, lawyers or solicitors for instance, and regulated by their own independent professional association/body/society and still abiding by legal terms set out in a parliament assembly and by MP’s. Association that is relevant to the profession associate ( such as lawyers orders or law society for lawyers and solicitors, in some countries or member states ) with options and eligibility to ban doctors, lawyers, solicitors and legal attorneys and even magistrates when, the aforementioned associates of a profession act and behave in conflict with the relevant association professional ethic and morale. ( i.e: for the safety of citizenship, construction engineers, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists and a few other associates of a profession, are bound to an oath such as hippocratic oath for doctors, to have associates rejecting taking orders and, constructions engineers, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists and a few other professional associates, MUST deny taking orders to avoid a ban by professional association that is relevant to them).                                      ——————————————————————–

In addition to the above also discovered in london, UK,  misunderstanding about mainland europe customary legal proceedings to demand an ID and within the territory of mainland europe, and only when suspicious activities were in fact discovered. The aforementioned practice is in fact similar to UK’ or england’ legal customary proceedings for requesting searching bags and when suspicious activities were discovered, and bags searches however always performed by police officers or security officers. Citizens targeted by the bags searches operations MUST however be present at all times and searches nevertheless always notified to target citizens before proceeding.

Such situations are often perceived as a attack or intrusion depending on circumstances and depending on how such bag search or ID presentation have been requested by police officers or  security officers however, for safety of citizenship the latter proceedings MUST be acknowledged when performed abiding by laws and regulations.  Different matter or different situation occurs, when corrupt and often catholic mainland europe police officers, abuse EU and UK citizens by demanding an ID and when there is no suspicious activity in progress. Citizens still have the legal right to be assisted by a legal advisor, solicitor or lawyer, who are most suitable to and already known by the citizen. Should legal advisor NOT be present or the citizen not having a trustworthy  legal advisor, and when a abuse is in progress and perceived by the citizen, citizens can and in fact MUST refer to the mayor office and report the abuse matter in relation to police institutions or security officers companies. The latter institutions and companies ultimately reporting to a mayor ( mayor office ) of a large metropolitan city, for smaller towns and villages instead, authority MUST be acknowledged to a mayor ( mayor office ) of a closest large city.

All of the above falls into place with and also is in relation to, the matter requesting immediate attention for jurisdictions definition and for arbitrators and magistrates, for police officers, for state legal attorneys and limitations on responsibilities for all ( arbitrators and magistrates, police officers, state legal attorneys ) within the relevant territory/JURISDICTION only. ( exception applies to int’l criminal court of justice and in the Hague – NL, and with support of UBI, union bureau of investigations officers, who may or may not introduce themselves to the local territory/jurisdiction police force and to local legal institutions  )


Particular attention is required by matter such as some unlikely EU citizens ( and even illegals in EU ), started to raise issues and problems when addressed as foreigners, illegals, immigrants; By simply following USA customary legal proceedings then, we may or may not replace official and legal term with ” ALIENS” still, EU and 28 member states want a ” label ” to differentiate between who is legally a EU native, and who is in fact a immigrant or even a illegal.

ILLEGAL – ( definition of ) –  Anyone born outside the EU borders, currently 28 member states of Europe, and living or even working within EU and without appropriate type of VISA or legal papers. VISA’s are to incl. but with no limitation to:

A) Tourist/visitor VISA that is valid for up to three months or six months depending on the country of origin;

B) WORK VISA mostly a immigrant VISA allowing to work and live within EU 28 member states borders, and acknowledging entitlement to request citizenships within a thirty years period of time;

C) specialist/expert work VISA which is not a immigrant VISA and does not give someone, a legal right or a just claim to receive citizenship application form. Specialist/expert work VISA however valid for up to three years and that can be subject to an extension for up to three more years, issued by the relevant EU gov. institution, when a sponsor company/business sends invitation to candidates and a sponsor company however, abiding by legal terms as well as presenting evidence of a legit expert required and coming from countries that are not within EU borders.


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