We can’t be arsed ……

responding to those from SA ( south africa ) who are still bothered reminding to all of US in europe, about awful and painful circumstances occurring in those times when apartheid system  was still legal ( admitted by local laws ), and even when a passport would not be issued to part of  citizenship in SA.

We actually have had enough ( in EU, 28 member states ), and we no longer want to know, ( i.e: we can’t be arsed about getting to know what the situation was like before mandela was released, and before apartheid system got actually abolished )

Our take on that matter is mandela was acting and behaving against the local laws and against the government, then convicted for terrorism for he was against the local parliament too. ( likewise that’s happened in USA when Ms. Baraldini, another f*cking pussy, was fighting against the local government of United States of America )

In brief, mandela was just a f*cking ” pussy ” who didn’t have the guts to ” TAKE HIS PASSPORT AND MOVE HIS ASS AWAY FROM THE COUNTRY HE WAS BORN INTO “, and for he was not in tune and sound ( i.e: he was mental and mentally ill ) or not satisfied with the government and south- africa local laws and regulations.

Having said so, to the ones arguing mandela was denied a passport, there are so many ways immigrants sneak into EU and even illegally,  by means of approaching coasts of europe from africa on a unlikely 5* ship, or getting on a aircraft with the help of crew members after a snog or after having sex in a unpleasant cubical of a airport gents toilet. There are certainly ways on the other hand to exit a country either legally or illegally and without a passport.

To all of US then, mandela remains and will always remain just another pussy who didn’t like the government or parliament laws and regulations of his very own country nevertheless, we remind everyone apartheid system and truck system are against laws and regulations for EU ( 28 member states ) and both EU parliament and local parliament in each and every single member state. [ Although EU parliament regulates commerce businesses and trades only ( merchants ), principles and foundations to be a EU member state include democracy, and then excludes both apartheid and truck systems ]


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