The CAPITALISM Competition

” catholics ( irish and italians ) are all around US and negatively affecting lives of US “

in addition to recent notes and draft messages sent already and in addition to reports published for both gov. institutions only on a private and paid report, and for the general public at times, a even more interesting review around ” How Europeans Have Turned Themselves Into Far More Ignorant Citizens Than Americans ” ( i.e: What Europeans Are Like ), is real and authentic shocking verdict following analysis and evaluations, with data and information collected over a period of time and for non less than five years.

Following three decades+ having to tolerate europeans ( and with part. ref. to catholic europeans ) addressing americans ( USA ) as a very ignorant nation or society, we can now make official statements: ” After the berlin wall was actually taken down and thirty odd years later, europeans and with part. ref. to catholic europeans, have become so ignorant if not even far more ignorant than americans eventually ever have been “

take care,

marc thomson barnes


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