A Party ( a.k.a: What Guests and Visitors Are There For. Really ! )

All about inviting guests and for a party, then at some point late in the evening we want to start tidying up and cleaning the mess everyone’s left behind. However we can’t just shout out loud ” C’mon People, Pick Up Your Stuff And Go ‘. We have instead to pretend celebrating a very  last toast and when taking a distinctive look at the watch, on our wrist, starting whispering to ourselves and in a middle of a speech, ( with a all in spirit from comedy central  ), ‘ Oh My ! It’s so late now ‘…. so right after we finished with raising the glasses in honour of a celebrated dear good friend, we go and shout out loud, while grabbing attention when clapping hands, ‘ Dear Catholics! Thank EU all for coming and visit,  who is doing the dishes tonight ‘?

Ensuring that very moment in time everyone comes up with something they have forgotten to do, and they need to dash away for…. or they have a early start in the morning and maybe even a late date with a mysterious lover, and well hidden to their husbands.

With catholics, and in EU we just did get to a very likely moment in time to say ‘ Party  Is Over, Please Pack-Up And Go ! One More Time ‘ ……. [ so we can go back to bedroom, and take the jewels out of the safe and back to the console by the mirror, where we can keep looking/staring at jewels and enjoying that way, as we were looking at a Gustave Courbet painting ]

matter of fact, unfortunately there may or may not be one person offering to stay and wash the dishes ( i.e: starting to get some work done ).

‘ Well you know ! At least we save some money for we don’t have to pay immigrants some overtime hours and for staying late at night ‘

take care,

The Economy Yeast


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