So Much Fuss… For A Bit Of Smoke ! ( a.k.a: Rogues Are Ready, Enjoy Your Last Supper )

We sold them, at last !

in the end we had no way out but selling ( rep. of ireland, Italy, Poland and Spain ) like slaves on the market, and selling catholics to the russians ( russian federation ), for that very reason catholics made it ever so clear, ( i.e: catholics requested it ). Being a lot more keen on serving/waiting communism and communists,  we then just made the official announcement for catholics are already standing on the communism side, and what is the point to keep pretending to live, stay, and work in a capitalist society ?

now mr. president, ( putin ) all of US in capitalism western societies are well educated, polite, and will never step into Your own business, we mind our own business then we’ll not step into someone else’s jurisdiction. ( i.e: the russian federation territory and lands under russian federation influence ).

Mr. president, mr. president !

You can then do whatever you like with your newly acquired “ human resources “, we just sold and for they ( catholics ) are no longer willing to pay back debts ( war debts since 1946 ), and they are no longer willing to go ahead with the marshall plan repayments then returning investments.

Mr president, mr. president
use your own russian and soviet customary habits, for an establishment ( such as a Ceaușescu II ) and for training and education of communist catholics and feminists even.

We understand in full, exercises making feminist catholic women ( i.e: communists ) to stay tuned, and listening to a voice of a master for then running back to lick feet, suck cocks and rim asshole, are ever the choice of preference for soviets however, we suggest much more civilized proceedings such as ” sitting catholics down on a chair and with a useless job ” ( i.e: work activities that are worth nothing ), and a chair with a huge built-in dildo up the catholics ” backdoor ” ( with or without gel/vaseline ). Holding catholics on a chair and with tears on their face, for the pain and the ache around their ” backdoors ”  and when serving/waiting clients and users ( of a communist public administration and government institutions administrative offices. )

take very good care mr. president , ( catholics are useless to our own world of capitalism and useless to our own societies. )

Bloody Mary

note: We No Longer Need To Claim The Throne Of England, therefore catholics, catholic church of rome and pretending loyalty to rome, are no longer required by any of US

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