Bye Bye EU – WELCOME Asia And The Far East



An epidemic spreading by means of unknown medium yet
– Investigations are still in progress and research however shows evidence, these events are likely consequences of poor immigration control and for foreigners coming from tropical areas, amid careless administrative officers in  government departments for immigration, ignoring EU laws and regulations.

EIRE ( rep. of ireland ) italy, poland and kingdom of spain admitting immigrants thru EU borders, even supplying immigration papers and often work permits based on wrongful evaluation, criteria ignoring sanitary controls or vaccinations and for the safety of EU citizenship.

Following reports of a few cases with patients sent into hospital isolation areas, for malaria early symptoms, and following unconfirmed rumours of an epidemic in the City of London, ( The Square Mile, Corporation of London ), we are TODAY notifying passengers planning to visit europe ( EU ) and london ( UK ), to start early with a claim for full refund or for compensation better. A claim needs to be filed with companies running tour operators and  with companies managing flight booking systems. ( travel insurance to cover for cancellation expenses will help )

Private industry sectors in europe and with particular ref. to hospitality industry and businesses in EU, are currently unable to handle a claim and the fulfillment of obligations to: receive, investigate and act on a claim filed by an insured. Full refund and  compensations for damages and losses MUST be claimed in the country of origin instead, and avoiding contact with businesses in the hosting country. Insurers will sort things out within financial services and credit management industry sector, disregarding statements of businesses and companies within EU hospitality industry. 

NOTE: threats from regions nourishing terrorism and communism, have also been recently discovered in UK, and when import/export companies for  deliveries of products and goods ( most often agriculture products ) from latin america, are carrying hidden nests of highly mortal spiders and not from Europe originally.


On Jun 10, 2015, at 6:40 PM, alex andraj <> wrote:

please beware: we still have irish, italians and polish and spanish too,  (catholics) around US and taking US to be sick and “ disgusTED “, also include getting sick people from geographical tropical  areas of the planet, and people from the aforementioned areas, spreading anti-bodies; bacteria; parasites and even viruses when  around US. Giving raise to symptoms of allergies, making US sick or taking US to slow-down and to sickness.  ( vaccination standards aren’t appropriate and even sanitary controls aren’t sufficient or effective, when  foreigners entering EU territory from areas at risk of contagious  disease )  

take care, 




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