previously on ‘ Blogging or Not Blogging ‘, more unwanted chemicals, drugs and medications

following new, recent and additional events confirming catholics taking aggressive actions against capitalism world, and catholics with intentions to harm and threaten citizens with weapons
( bacteriological and chemical weapons ) and with  ” armed ” forces and communities of the catholic church of rome from africa, from eastern and southern europe and from latin america. We are hereby reporting of more fluids/foods poisoning in the area of London, ( UK ) and even at Thistle City Hotel where members of staff have been found being unsuitable and at times even unauthorized personnel was found on the premises, ( i.e: without appropriate training and education for work in a hospitality industry business ).  Found on the premises handling ( mis-handling ) fluids, foods and even paper cups.



waitresses “ hiding “ behind the bar counter and serving cups with tablets/caplets dust or with whatever drug/medication they add to fluids, to get all of US drinking and becoming sick. ( i.e: waitresses pretending to be bartenders, at times individuals pretending to be members of staff, however more catholics from a embassy but with no limitation to embassies in london, or from a general consulate of a catholic background member state or country )  ‘ 


NOTE: very likely european catholic feminists ( i.e: communists ) started to or keep fighting and against capitalism both American and English, ( Uncle Sam’s and Auntie Bessy’s)
….and by means of: foods and fluids poisoning; sending highly mortal spiders nests hidden among  goods and products for EU consumer market; mixing chemicals to our own sanitary and hygiene products ( toiletries ); introducing nurses in place of doctors @ hospitals A&E departments; getting immigrants from tropical regions and areas, carrying disease bacteria and viruses or parasites, around US and to get US to sickness; sending groups and individuals from latin america to spread communism around, so to share with US and getting US into bad habits, and communists aiming to share their debts in the end; wrecking the economy by means of threatening labourers unions; keeping/maintaining their crabs larvae, i.e:OVI, and by means of sending them to a party for free food where they do not even get to wash their own dishes; breach of human rights conventions; unlawful purpose and in breach of terrorism act 2000, UK; chemical castration; regression of  european life-style; annoying and bothering europeans when sending beggars and homeless around, i.e: star system actors; etc. etc. )

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