Teaching Americans Play Soccer… and EU are the ball

This economic xenophobia has to stop ! – Immigrants have made a “substantial” contribution to the UK, so why do so many of us think the opposite? ( on AOL.CO.UK web pages earlier this week )


Feedback to AOL staff members by commentator:

hello !

i can see You ‘re not quite keen on publishing the comments of US. Although i don’t believe censorship would harm any of those deprecating immigration, and even we reckon immigration is necessary to most countries and member states within world of capitalism, we still need immigration control to be accurate and with closed figures each year. ( i.e: protectionism to benefit our own profession associates and preventing immigrants – or the ones who were not born in EU – to take over our own country or EU member states. NOT all of US are catholics or belong to catholic church of rome, not all of US belong to a charity wasting time with beggars )

full AOL article :

comment: I don’t believe You have a full and clear picture of what immigrants are like, ( i.e: reasons why immigrants, or non-EU natives, are actually coming to our own lands, Europe/EU )

take care,

SEE LINKED POST FOR MORE : http://wp.me/p11Wmh-iN ;


American tourists rank among ‘ worst behaved ‘ in travel poll ( ON AOL EARLIER THIS YEAR )





none of US blame americans however, for shitting all over these communist hospitality industry sector companies and business, and when thinking about 20$ for a cheeseburger in firenze, made with latin-american meat/beef, 30$ for a pint of beer in berlin, and 25$ for french toasts in paris, etc. etc. ……. all of US would go for a shitting right after and maybe, to make it our own money worth it. Wouldn’t EU ?

What all of US in NYC can tell is ”  Sheeeeeet Happenz ! ( ……. then f*ck EU )  “

Obama: US embassy in Havana marks ‘new chapter’ in Cuba ties – ( on AOL.CO.UK earlier this month )





for as much as i admire the first afro-american president of the United States, and whose election confirms capitalism is most welcome and functional to our own capitalism world and western societies, all of US in europe ( capitalist and western societies and real and authentic europeans ) are really looking forward not to seeing a second afro-american president that soon. ( opening up to communism is definitely most unwelcome )
take care,


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