: sample of symptoms of sickness within hospitality industry :

PREVIOUSLY ON: Inspector/Boss Under Cover – Malta Holidays

Blue Sea, ” St. George Park ” and ” La Vallette ” resorts, St. Julians, Malta.

First impressions: bloody communism !

the resort comes across like a occupied building by migrants and by “ profughi “, ( the desperate ), turned to workers and getting in exchange a place where to sleep and eat ( for free ), no fully trained and skilled staff members were met and detected whatsoever and far too many workers and laborers with no education, are all around the two buildings ( i.e: they never went to schools and to hospitality industry uni, and never got to be trained and educated following any ” Food; Beverage & Hotel Management School ” ), typical of italians and spanish managing/influencing hospitality resorts.

Resort location ( st. Julians ) is apparently for very young people and kids, keen on clubbing 24/7 and messing the ” town center ” up to an extent making a dump, bed mattresses for the resort rooms therefore aren’t comfortable, nor good enough to spend a seven nights summer break, when we asked to change room in addition, we were told rooms standard is same across the two buildings.

Workers and laborers nevertheless, do come across with a attitude and behavior carrying underlying messages such as:

MAKE DECISIONS FOR YOU. " ( i.e: typical of communism )

Evidence of incorrect approach towards client/guests was then established, and evidence of client-management with unwelcome communist-catholic style was also detected, with particular ref. to italians/spanish’ ignoring customer service and also ignoring proper language skills. Catholics working at reception in addition, can’t even see differences bween a bath mat and a towel, and even i specified XXL size for towel, they can’t get it right.

Arguments and discussions were also occurring now and then with bartenders, and for we help ourselves for “ M A Y B E “ a quarter of a cup with fizzy water. ( i.e: for nobody was behind the bar counter at the time, we help ourselves with perfect english uni. style: “ HELP YOURSELF ! …AND CLEAN AFTER YOURSELF “ ).

More arguments in addition, for bartenders expect US to be educated like a PC, computers, and bartenders attempting to get US into offending and insulting afro-americans and afro-british communities, when enforcing terms and definitions such as “ black- coffee “ and “ white-coffee “, rather than ” regular coffee ” and ” coffee with milk and sugar “.

At the same bar counter, they even suggest they don’t like americans or U.S americans and for we are related to U.S, we get to be mistreated or annoyed with a service that is more of a joke. ( i.e: joking; STALKERS; “ taking the piss “ at US, are recurring events and on a regular basis )

Resort guests in addition, are far too young ( like babies ) and can’t be “exchanged” either, only few adults around ( old catholic ladies ) and expecting priority for they are women ( catholic spanish,  southern or latin-europe ). Coming across ignorant for the pope and his bishops ( catholic church’s ) never told the catholics, anglo-saxon’s capitalism doesn’t give a damn about priorities for women, who are just as crap as the rest of the catholic community. ( i.e: “ WE HAVE BUSINESS TO DO AND MAKING MONEY, WE CAN’T JUST STOP AND WAIT FOR A DAMN CATHOLIC STUPID WOMAN TO BE OUT OF THE WAY, AND FOR EVERY MINUTE IS A GOOD MINUTE TO FIND OPPORTUNITIES TO DO BUSINESS AND TO MAKE MONEY THEREAFTER, WHEN ACHIEVING GOALS “. a.k.a: “ TIME IS MONEY …AND JUST LIKE IN U.S.A. “ )

The resort building apparently owned by Maltese and renting it out for around 2M GBP/EUROS a year, and to a spanish company or a company registered in spain rather, managing “ hospitality business ” ( i.e: spanish’ and russians together, pursuing a fraud damaging consumers, and spanish’ and russians together also managing money laundering operations ) and together with catholic irish’ community concealing “ dirty “ catholic business when influencing local authorities, and hiding things to British authority supposedly still influencing the island.

Holiday booking was made through which is a well renown website for travel and holidays.

Total cost on day one ( day of arrival ): € 1,084 incl.:

a)  return domestic flight;

b)  resort with all inc. accommodation for a week and two people + 50 euros key deposit;

c)  7 days gym pass;

[ I believe when asked catholics would get back to us with such a answer:
staying in a room next door and being loud and all the time. What is 
animation worth then? Entertainment or animation by catholics, maybe 2GBP/
EUROS a week… and for the whole team. ]

: see also  comments below and by others traveling to Malta :

        QUOTE A:

“ with particular ref. to catholic irish, italians and spanish around as well as catholic polish, bothering and annoying then making US feel sick and disgusTED, when we start feeling like catholics have taken individuality away from US however, catholics never did pay for ‘ taking individuality ’ either and catholics and communists moreover, still insisting on regularly bothering and annoying and then STALKERS ( in legal terms ). “

“ young spanish girls/kids are also coming across annoying, when arguing and bothering with priorities for assisting women and for the catholic church of rome after all, really left them all ignorant. NOT THAT I AM SURPRISED ! …finding out catholic spanish are ignorant waiters and waitresses, forgetting and ignoring anglo-saxon capitalism isn’t bothered with priorities and kindness with women “

QUOTE B: [ more on Malta holiday ]
“ … i also ran into some kind of an irish… can’t really tell exact area in U.K or rep. of ireland and even though i perfectly understand where they come from, with a catholic background and thinking in error:

‘ EVERYONE IS EQUAL TO ANOTHER SO IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER WHO IS AROUND ME; FOR AS LONG AS THERE IS SOMEONE AROUND WASTING TIME AND FOR AS LONG AS THEY ARE WASTING AN ENTIRE LIFE BEFORE I DUMP THEM, WHEN I AM STARTING DOING MY OWN THINGS. I DON’T REALLY CARE WHO IS AROUND; ‘ ( i.e:…. the usual catholic or catholic irish crappy ideas and thoughts, when it gets to equality and being hypocrite nevertheless, for the poor only )

in fact… i still find being all equals, doesn’t make them any better than a bag full of trash anyway, and making decisions to be by myself was inevitable after all. Better than staying with rubbish and trashy company around, and faking emotions for pretending being through awakenings and real and authentic. It may be their age though ! …this irish’ being too young and mistaking being hypocrite for equality;  ….i may have been that way a little i suppose… when 20 or 25 and i soon learnt however, we can no longer ” afford ” wasting time with someone who doesn’t get US richer and more money into a bank account ( i.e: Rules of Capitalism University: ‘ MONEY IS NEVER TOO MUCH, IS NEVER ENOUGH AND EVERY MINUTE OF LIFE IS A GOOD ENOUGH MINUTE TO FIND OPPORTUNITIES, AND ACHIEVING GOALS THEREAFTER, TO GET MORE MONEY INTO A BANK ACCOUNT ‘ ) “

NOTE: does faking and being hypocrite getting US to fill a bank
account with more money anyway? Maybe with a waste of time job/work,
supplied by catholic church or catholic church communities members.

          QUOTE C :

raising awareness and alerting EU MP’s and regulators by industry sector. Please FWD to GOV DEPT for relevant industry sector, in each and every EU member state, with clear and loud orders to STOP saving the desperate and migrants when crossing mediterranean sea.

‘ Malta is currently an island where the government appears driven by and very much influenced by catholic irish’, ( once the ” negroes ” of the UK, catholic irish taking africans from africa to U.S.A, and populated southern america with slaves and irish’ creating/raising problems and issues thereafter, and problems and issues we all are aware of ) and together with spanish who also imported africans as slaves into latin-america ( also south america ), TODAY ( irish and spanish ) opening doors to africans, latin-americans and desperate migrants from non-EU countries, ( exceptions apply to some asian countries TODAY among the richest and wealthiest countries on this planet ), turning then those desperate migrants into groups and societies, aggressively occupying territories and buildings in EU. Travel agents and tour operators, companies/trades managed by irish, italians, spanish and likely polish, are then moving millions of tourists to locations and occupied buildings such as st. julians and the relevant resorts, and territories now coming across with a ” town center ” that is more of a dump, populated by migrants from non-EU countries ( aliens ), and likely staying illegally and for ” serving ” a tourism industry at ” NO COST ” for irish, italians, spanish and polish, when pursuing exploitation of the desperate and for cleaning and maintenance tasks which are not properly carried out either. Malta is currently a place with aggressive, illegal immigrants and the desperate ( ” profughi ” ), allowed in the country ( EU ) by the catholic church of rome ‘

for more please contact relevant law firm office in paris, and after submitting lawsuit application to be placed on record by the appropriate authority…  for defamation ? ( YOU WISH ! )

[ i don’t wanna know about complains and of catholic kids or never grown up shitty ignorant rather, for i don’t waste time with catholics: anarchical; anti-semitic; beggars; criminals; ignorant and now even disgusting… when snogging behind the bar counter and when on duty ]

please note: in order to acknowledge correct message/report delivery, please text +1 xxx- xxx- xxxx ( S1X CTM RIC0 ) upon message receipt.


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