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Dear David,

if you were to spare some more time analyzing recent events and linked to or in connection with terrorism acts, you would clearly see and understand there is a on-going war already with confused mental and moral qualities, and mixed-up interests too.

  • Charlie Hebdo last January
  • British tourists attacked while on holiday and on the beach in Egypt or Tunisia;
  • events related to the russian aircraft destroyed very recently, notwithstanding the fact has doubtful authenticity

The beginning of a civil war in europe, something you cannot avoid or skip and even USA experienced a long time ago, resulting in teachings for US: ” WE CANNOT ACHIEVE EUROPE UNIFICATION WITHOUT EXPERIENCING CIVIL WAR THAT IS FUNCTIONAL FOR DETERMINATION OF LEADING GROUPS AND FOLLOWERS GROUPS  “; Regardless of a election result then, in economics and politics you will always find LEADING GROUPS ( i.e:KNOW-HOW and ABILITY ),  and FOLLOWERS GROUPS, ( i.e: LOST and the ones who never opened books; LOST ONES who studied on dishonest books and almost ambiguous, written with the purpose by members of the catholic church of rome, by the clergy and to trick with malicious intentions and aiming to a fraud, cheating the largest number of STUPIDS. )

Eventually you’re now coming across you’re forgetting  what politics is all about when your  ” conversation ” has a feminist background, feminists with a crystallized intelligence while spending twenty or more years in a kindergarten,  for the cleaning of a dirty butt of a baby; A background of waiters after all, or even immigrants from black-africa or south-america, relocating to europe ( EU and soon U.S.E ) and becoming aggressive with europeans thereafter, bothering and annoying when assisted by the catholic church of rome and by the vatican.

As You may know already…  none of US is interested in listening to the TRUTH, all of US europeans and related countries and nations in capitalism world, ( capitalistic western societies; ADULTS ),  have an interest in listening to and circulating what is REAL AND AUTHENTIC ( i.e: CONVENIENT, CREDIBLE and likely FOLLOWING reality, a ensemble of agreements accepting representations and definition of reality, forming then a united whole with a cohesive understanding ).

You’re 45 YO David, and it’s about time to rethink your possibilities to wake-up and become a adult, evolving, understanding the world of adults in spite of everything, and even so difficult it is  considering FAMILY AND KIDS you want to take responsibility,  a ” YET ANOTHER EU HAVE BEEN F*CKED BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH OF ROME ! “.  Matter of fact staying among kids and babies is wasting of time, for those who don’t want to grow-up ever and become an adult.

Your summary of what i am writing to you then… is very naif and then ingenuous, surely not very realistic, also iniquitous, unfair, there are so many better ways to summarize my own use of rational judgement and reasoning such as:  ‘ DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE MONEY IS ALL THAT MATTER IN LIFE ? ‘

ANSWER : ‘ Absolutely ! In a world of adults we invest time for the self only, or with someone for R.O.I ( return on investment. ) ‘

Bear me reminding You then protestants are not catholics, eventually protestants belong to a movement of christianity however no longer christi-ans, and i don’t believe i ever said ISIS or Al-Qaida act and behave as a result of catholics guilts. Matter of fact, the latter sounds like  manipulation of my own statements, symptom of a feminists background. Communist-catholics behavior ? )

We have in fact valid and unambiguous suspects catholic governments (such as Rep. of Ireland, Italy, Poland and K.D of Spain) are hiding behind ISIS and Al-Qeida. Even though there is no evidence of involvement Departments Of Defense ( DOD ) have been collecting tons of data and information, then making analysis and evaluation of those suspects with validity and likely FOLLOWING the ensemble of agreements accepting catholics being involved, a evaluation sharpening a fuzzy picture of reality, a representation forming a united whole with cohesive understanding. Catholic groups and communist-catholics in europe apparently together with Russians, ( from russian federation ) communists are financially supporting followers of international terrorism; European communists then claiming terrorism acts and events in the name of ISIS and Al_qeida to weaken GB; ( and the connected governments ) Commonwealth of Nations and others; USA and pro-capitalism societies.

It’s not that unexpected even ! Can you remember terrorism in italy during the 70’s-80’s?  Followers of communism ( i.e: Red Brigades in the Lead Era/Times ) and IRA terrorists  from ireland are today coming across like communist-catholics allowing, suggesting and organizing, even assisting and concealing terrorism acts, at times claiming those terrorism acts however impersonating islamic state. Television is also telling lies and never stating what ISIS and Al-Qeida are for real…  there are reasons however to keep everything quiet and avoiding panic in europe, also avoiding weighting catholics or communist-catholics groups standing-up against capitalism in GB, against USA and the connected nations.  ( Catholics in fact can be neutralized very easily. )

When You question about US then, ( the jews ), we certainly were bankers and usurers a bit,  and even unfair merchants in the years before WWII, we wouldn’t have experienced holocaust otherwise…  and we wouldn’t have experienced hatred, even accepting usury and unfair commercial practice of jews however, we cannot forget extermination and holocaust and we cannot forget… just like any other war, that was for economical reasons to keep someone rich and wealthy. Let’s forget instead about ” bullsh*t ” such as the arian race theory, mistaking real and authentic reasons of a conflict and of war in the 40’s.

All of the above to allow you the understanding what TODAY all of US are questioning has nothing to do with ethnical groups, politics and religions after all,  it’s rather wondering why jews have been convicted to concentration camps by catholics and why jews were sent into gas chambers for reasons in connection with competition on economics and financial matter,  we were somehow happily  handling.

Why catholics aren’t getting same treat TODAY ? Considering begging; deception; money laundering operations; poisoning/chemical weapons terrorism; robbing and even placing limitations on liberty of others… sequester, even considering manipulation of public opinion  by catholics yet allowing, suggesting and organizing, assisting and concealing terrorism acts.

NOTE: ( Catholics are TODAY perceived with particular ref. to and with no limitation to catholics of italy known as FASCISTS, catholics from TODAY's poland and Eastern Europe: the NAZI's, and also with ref. to refugees who managed to escape eastern europe then in the 40's, refugees who found " shelter " in ireland or were kicked into ireland rather, by the then monarchs of UK, and refugees offspring... TODAY's troublemakers in EU )


Why should we tolerate invasion and occupation by communist-catholics ? ( i.e: Nothern-italy occupation by southern italians and related catholic dump ) Communist-catholics who even ignore terms and conditions of ECHR ( European Convention on Human Rights ), suggesting and stating a occupied territory is acknowledged so following military action only ( i.e: Rep. of italy is in fact a occupied land by USA and with armed forces currently present. )

Canada; constitutional monarchies in europe;  UK and the commonwealth of Nations, USA… and to mention just a few institutions however also China;  Japan; South Korea…  we all are wondering why should we not apply same catholic rules to catholics and communist-catholics and in TODAY’s world ?

Matter of fact we never discriminate between GOOD ones and BAD ones only, ( the way you suggest ), there are so many more insignificant individuals who do not fall into either category, there are so many poor bastards, or a ” world in the middle “, made of merchants; public administration employees, workers/laborers; those ones with a contract of employment for a protected social group; those ones working on TV and more generally speaking all those poor bastards earning far less than GBP 6,000 a month… and still living and ” working ” in the western societies of US.

There are societies of catholics on one side however on the other side we have Amish, Anglicans and Protestants, Baptists, Jews, Lutherans and Methodists, Mormons,  etc.. etc… there are  even more religious groups such as Buddhists and Hindu, and yet a fourth group made of Muslim without yet mistaking christianized Muslims with Islamic State International Terrorism addicted.  Far too complicated to be clear about all of that however this is just to draw attention to how ignorant catholics are and how little their numbers are, when compared to other groups in societies we are currently aggregating, and please…STOP saying catholics would make it an alliance with northern churches and churches in northern-europe, nobody would ever sign-up an agreement with catholics !  merchants pursuing frauds, hiding slavery and rackets, money laundering operations and smuggling, then even suggesting, organizing, assisting and also committing terrorism acts, and organizing events to benefit terrorism by means of the media.

My personal story is then developing along with politics nevertheless, it’s all about economics and finance and inevitably borderline to achieve a goal, aiming to preserve resources and wealthiness of US, and in a capitalistic world for western societies and capitalistic world belong to US. Sure i made good use of skills and abilities: expertise in advertising and pr ( business communication expert ); computer science; economics; interpersonal skills or communication mechanism and interaction; law; marketing and also anthropology, and ending up coaching and teaching for ” LETHAL WEAPONS ” to support capitalistic economics and politics ( i.e: supporting all of US who would never work for poor bastards, catholics, who can’t even afford paying GBP 250K gross annual salary, in most cases for reasons among which catholics having an interest and being involved with human resources traffic; with money laundering operations; rackets, TODAY also managed and controlled by laborers unions when assisted by job agencies and centers, tracking individuals down when ILLEGALLY handling personal info and data. A communist practice that recalls  communist  regime of soviet union ( lenin and stalin’ soviet union )

We can’t  confirm then we are actually doing work we like ! …Can we ?  it is a rather sad and sadistic work however, very well engineered and remunerated and THAT is what matters the most in-spite of difficulties and even losses, we are enforced to claim for tax allowance and for benefits… when working with No Profit Org. tax regime.

Sure we do not need to stand up for a nation advertising ” Defense of Democracy ” and EVENTUALLY hiding atrocious conditions ! it’s far more articulated tasks including preservation of submission and subordination of countries asked and asking USA democracy ( i.e: rep. of ireland, italy, germany, poland and just to mention a few ). In most cases amid holocaust and because of war debts need to be compensated, also as a result of a finance plan ( so called marshall plan ) needs to be reimbursed, in one way or another ( i.e: thru eternal submission and subordination of catholics, breeding human resources for the supply of ” low cost labourers and manual workers “.)

All of the above as a result of some poor bastards who moved along with hitler and to start playing ” little chemist ” role, nazi-fascists ( catholics from italy, poland and irish ) always forgetting to show USA and others gratefulness, then catholics wearing a mask of communism and hiding the evidence of being ignorant when sweeping dust under the carpet. Communism in fact is STILL a variation of socialism, and national-socialism also known as ( AKA )  Nazism.

It’s rather urgent matter then safeguarding financial resources and wealthiness of western and capitalistic societies ( hiding away and far from catholics and communist-catholics of europe ) however, to achieve it a goal it is required supporting ( understanding ) weapons factories mr. Bush and the family own, and then managing a strain for turning relationships between governments unfriendly, and to end up with facts and events that are beneficial to the conflict conditions ( i.e: determining an insistent and peremptory request of weapons and then the expression of readiness by weapons factory to give weapons if desired. )

Unlikely a pleasant job and even deprecating the value of human life however it is definitely very well remunerated and with many expressing or showing gratitude or appreciation.

You’re definitely right, I am PIR-LA ( PER Los Angeles ), i understand you fall into all A; B and C categories instead: suffering lack of attentions; catching no fish and in the office, you’re doing  bugger all.

A- You’re a DEAD

B-  struggling when ” fishing ” for the racket business

C- you’re bored in a office and unaware of how to’s, for keeping waste of time going


For B… i would suggest you should consider enquiring immigrants and the refugees ( the desperate ) all of US are paying a salary to, with EU funds and even Eur 35/day for each of them, giving support to an all italian business, economy dealing with human resources traffic and yet with an aim for money laundering operations.

Careful consideration is also required for we are graduating all europeans ( EU 27 member states ) therefore, none of US would waste time ever with obsolete work and jobs, and helpful to collect income tax only to pay pensions to TSOS ( The Same Old S*it ),  in a communist-like member state or nation… When they manage to hide attitude and behavior in connection with nazi-fascists ! ( Don’t worry… italy is not alone ! Rep. of Ireland, Poland and K.D of Spain are keeping them company. )

I am also willing to keep practicing with politics and for a ” YET ANOTHER YOU ( EU )  HAVE BEEN F*CKED ” type of thing, that is also suitable for spain and spanish’/hispanics, yet another EU member state currently trouble makers, we want to leave behind for they are not even bringing enough MONEY to our own capitalistic societies and multinational banks ( for MONEY definition see: income and revenues of legit and legal activities only, doubtful and dirty business such as money laundering operations, won’t  be accepted as a valid and legitimate revenue. )

We have  job openings in addition, searching for candidates for EU institutions ( regulators and European commission ) with analyst work and for Scan, Analysis and Evaluation operations to ultimately send out a REPORT.

Min. Req.

A – Master of a Hollywood Star System ( or equivalent education ) and a real and authentic degree ( ‘ Universities of their majesties in their own constitutional monarchies of EU and Norway ‘ ) or equivalent education

B- mandatory and sufficient training and education in Culture and Fine Arts  ( C & FA )

C- pref. non-catholic background and non-communist-catholic background either, ( i.e: hard, orc and tall is much more appreciated instead )

As you might have gathered yourself all of US are pretty busy, to give catholics and communist-catholics ( human resources )  the drill and programming apes and monkeys to be like dogs and bitches, running to wash master’s feet and finally having catholics wearing a collar,  allowing all of US then to hold them with a leash ( i.e: a secure job ),  with a chair under the catholics’ butt and a little, miserable salary when they show skills and abilities to stand on two legs, and with their tongue out waiting for the bisque ( reward.)

In connection with circumstances and favorable options to have a family and kids in today’s europe, i leave comments to EU ( YOU ) however, stop considering those ” TIENGO-FAMILIA ” known as communists and communist-catholics ( or even immigrants from southern italy moving to northern italy ), they aren’t priorities for today’s europe ( EU  and soon USE ) and in fact, quite the opposite.

Are You Still Doing What You Want To Do Or,  You’re Doing What You’re Told Instead ?

From: fabio [] Sent  on Tuesday, November 03, 2015 2:57 PM

SEATTLE ( C A Tall )


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