symptoms of unknown sickness, and catholics often annoying when tricking or causing depression symptoms

……  please forward to gov. departments ( DOD; domestic affairs ) for the safety and security of nationals enquiring and purchasing holiday packages with tour operators and travel agencies, andmaking a journey abroad (i.e: EU )

with ref. to recent events and occurring when visiting the EU, or when temporarily living within the EU borders, in connection with alerts for the safety of all of US ( i.e:  anglo-saxons; capitalistic societies and partners; non-catholic communities; nordic/scandinavian countries citizens; students/tourists/visitors ), please consider working best practices out and in advance, avoiding then the below reported recurring persecutions and harassments. Holiday cancellation may be considered at times and when travel insurance covers for reimbursement, also consider claiming compensations and filing class-action lawsuits against the EU member state where holiday or travel has taken place, and when how-to’s and know-how fail and not keeping safety distance from the below mentioned  social groups; time-wasters; laborers ( i.e: resulting conditions of negligence of employees/laborers and managers,  hired by companies or merchants and trades in EU, and employees/laborers or managers also obstructing or perverting the course of justice, and employees/laborers often ” victims ” of corruption and incitement or abetment )


– italians from central/southern italy and often together with spanish/hispanics, upsetting health and sleep-time and then affecting relationships of US in addition, catholics often introducing themselves on our behalf or impersonating US, and with intentions of achieving embezzlement when catholics stealing work of US, and taking credit.

– oldish, communist italians also determining prejudice among social relations and with intentions of enforcing others ( i.e: abetment; corruption; incitement; ) mixing chemicals/medication, generally speaking food/beverages poisoning or bacteriological weapons, and raising symptoms of head aches and migraine… a while after our custom at a fast-food. Head aches and migraine also driving US mad and becoming unstable, when non-members/intruders in a club ( often gym clubs ), hide on purpose and for annoyance, properties/belongings of US.

all of the above likely configuring recurring harassments; hostility and ill-treatment; persecutions; esp. because of race or political or religious beliefs ( persistent annoyance or harassments )

marc marcelo thomson barnes ( Jew; GÚ )


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