catholic from: ie; it; pl; es/hispanics annoying all of US and causing symptoms similar to depression

old sIT/sIEt connection(s) annoying US then affecting US with persistent anger (anxiety), a resulting condition following frauds targeting consumers.

(see also:  important-notice – UPDATED Apr. 24th 2016)

consider in addition neuroinflammation and long_term damage to central nervous system as a result of foods/fluids poisoning, ( see also: unknown symptoms-of-sickness-and-catholics-often-affecting-us when tricking US with depression )

NOTE: Neuroinflammation is inflammation of the nervous tissue. It may be initiated in response to a variety of cues, including infection, traumatic brain injury, toxic metabolites....


increasing & permanent impairment or irreversible damage affecting EU native citizens, following non-controlled immigration and by illegals entering the EU borders, aggressive immigrants from Catholic missions such as Latin America and Africa and often establishing Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations ( see also: RICO Act ) when assisted by Catholic Irish; Italians; Polish and Spanish or Hispanics, with intentions for wrongdoing and for illegal activities or business ( felonies ), and illegal activities or business then harmful for EU native citizens or the citizens born and bred in a EU member state. ( see also: claim and report following harassment, negligence and claims in connection with company liability – UPDATED Apr. 24th 2016)

Examples and Types of permanent impairment and irreversible damage:

  • modification in what a person look like;
  • limitations to social life and interpersonal relations;
  • limited ( or loss of ) skills & abilities for work purpose;
  • work and jobs opportunities loss;
  • loss of sexual functions;
  • psychic damage ( being the most difficult to bring evidence of, often acknowledged and compensated when a damage causes losses and stress or frustration )

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