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Discussion on iPhone in Canada – News for Canadian iPhone Users

Proposed California bill focused on encryption backdoors could see in-state iPhone sales halted

m Arch Tom's on Bar N Assm Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass  Comment:

the above post is not accurate ! software backdoors are implemented already and in each and every current consumer electronic device ( we cannot prove state aids are reasonable otherwise, and in some countries for tech. companies too ) backdoors however implemented for the safety and security of citizens in the world of capitalism for western societies and partners. The aim of those bills, is changing the way backdoors are used by vendors/merchants/operators employees, often harming consumers. Bills to make backdoors available to squads of experts under a umbrella of government officials and available to countries/member states with no catholic-background, relocating responsibilities thereafter to accurately trained and educated members of staff as opposed to ” kids “, ( vendors/merchants/networks/operators employees ) with no skills and no abilities to handle National Security Agencies responsibilities.

The aforementioned bill in fact,  will likely end or stop state aids to companies such as tech companies and mobile network operators, and in countries where tech. companies and industries for telecommunications are currently receiving funds ( public money ). [ or in countries where apple is currently assisting state administration, for money laundering tasks and ” kept secret ” when claiming state aids ? or where apple/TLC industry are likely keeping for themselves encrypted info and data would identify responsibilities even for int’l terrorism attacks ? ]

NOTE: this is in no way suggesting apple may be guilty of collusion or conspiracy and with ref. to TERRORISM ATTACKS however, WE CANNOT RULE OUT abetting; negligence; obstruction of justice or perverting the course of justice and even ” incitement ” when companies such as apple claim ” Data Are Encrypted to Protect …. “


Discussion on iPhone in Canada – News for Canadian iPhone Users

Apple, Google Fight Back on European Tax Regimes

m Arch Tom's on Bar N Assm Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass Comment:

the matter is quite simple to understand instead. Amongst few conditions required to trade and operate in EU ( and in each and every member state ), in particular when targeting consumers, there is such a FINANCIAL CAPACITY that all of US want companies and trades to state and support ( or prove ).


We also allow/permit several taxation options and among which Non Profit Organizations tax regime, that is a lot more convenient tax-wise. In One Word : CAPITALISM

NOTE: Liability, finance responsibilities, Fiscal/tax responsibilities, Legal responsibilities, Social responsibilities are all enforced to and mandatory for companies of any size incl. and with no limitation to multi-nationals. It’s about time then to discuss definition of the aforementioned responsibilities and what those responsibilities mean to apple ( and to apple employees ), placing limitations thereafter with apple and apple employees to what is relevant only to a vendor of the tech industry.

Discussion on iPhone in Canada – News for Canadian iPhone Users

Apple May Sell Bonds to Return Capital to Shareholders

m Arch Tom's on Bar N Assm Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass  QUOTE: “Apple has a tremendous amount of cash but it’s not accessible cash — its overseas cash,” said Andrew Brenner

Comment: this fairy tale about Apple having huge availability of cash however inaccessible, is now coming across like Apple is actually running out of money. No wonder why they had to switch to low-budget board of directors at some point in their history, and when not hiring directors with real ” anglo-saxon ” background ( church of england followers ).

” Dear apple,

now that you have been following rep. of Ireland ( catholic ireland ) and for a while, have you realized yet the irish expertise is all about low-cost business ? ( i.e: Ryanair ) Have you realized they are same as with catholic italians and many latin/catholic societies ?; Have you realized yet, irish company is all about getting support with state aids ? (i.e: communists and then cheap and inexpensive directors or managers, also unskilled and with no TED’s or UNI background )

Discussion on iPhone in Canada – News for Canadian iPhone Users

Apple, Google and Others to Attend EU Parliament Hearing on Tuesday to Discuss Taxes

m Arch Tom's on Bar N Assm Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass:  QUOTE: However, lawmakers do not have the power to order any changes. The meeting should raise some important questions about each company’s compliance with EU tax rules.

Lawmakers HAVE however the power to order companies to leave EU market/region and forget about making money when selling to EU consumers.

in brief: when not meeting EU regulations, CE marking policy criteria and relevant declaration of conformity, sanctions can be applied and companies sent away in consideration of parliament sovereignty in a state or bloc.

Having agreements in ireland and to making as if they were doing work in EU and making as if they were selling or supplying consumer electronics, hiding in fact money laundering operations and to aid russian federation immigrants, won’t be tolerated.

Discussion on iPhone in Canada – News for Canadian iPhone Users

Apple: Founding Fathers ‘Would be Appalled’ with DoJ Order to Unlock iPhone

m Arch Tom's on Bar N Assm Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass Comment:  this is now getting ridiculous !

Dear apple,

sovereignty in a state or nation, is always in the hands of representatives of citizens ( parliament/congress ) and acting as if they were making the interest of citizens/tax-payers/consumers. The actions of a congress can be seen when making observation of government and departments directives, law enforcement;  When making observation of  DOJ ( magistrates and state legal attorneys ) work or activities. It’s rather useless for apple inc. then,  fighting constitution and law makers, as if apple were terrorists and addicted to anti-statism, to terroristic threats and to anarchical activities (i.e: without discipline. )

what is it that You’re trying to do ?
What is it that you’re trying to turn yourself into ?

A)   A company with the mentally ill and affected by Baraldini syndrome?
B) A church ? All of US know a church is ultimately rather a bank, not a vendor/merchant.


Discussion on iPhone in Canada – News for Canadian iPhone Users

According to a new report from The New York Times, a number of Apple engineers would rather quit their jobs than comply with a court order…

m Arch Tom's on Bar N Assm Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass Comment:  Apple fight is getting hilarious ! ” A doorman that won’t cooperate with FBI, police department and detectives, holding a magistrate warrant to unlock dwelling and search a private house of a suspect under investigation”  ( it’s really that simple ) In addition, Apple also showing very little or even no abilities when coding software, and to design “FBI backdoors ” so to incl. warrant notifications, sent to iPhone, and when a warrant is issued by a state legal attorney for a distinct handset ( can be identified by phone number, mac address, IMEI number, SIM card serial number.)


m Arch Tom's on Bar N Assm Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass   @BigCat… That’s a lot of bullshit !

If You were to be believed, we would be living in a nazi-fascist world, or even worse…. a communist regime in soviet union style. All of You should really STOP creating panic and spreading terrorism around the world, and stop creating hatred against the state and government departments.

in brief: you come across like another catholic and mental, and trying to assist the catholic church communities, ( the workers/laborers ), in ” controlling ” lives of others. Catholics will unlikely happen to ever be assigned the monitoring of lives of others due to past, ( 1940-1945 ), events and precedents

m Arch Tom's on Bar N Assm Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass  @BigCat … HI ! that is all very clear and nicely explained however, i still have a preference for backdoors available to FBI or military squads,  following DOJ procedures and instructions when issuing search warrant and notification warrant, rather than having corrupted Apple employees, corrupted employees at companies of the industry for telecommunications  and incl. but with no limitation to CDN providers employees, ( Content Delivery Networks ), monitoring internet connections and smartphone messages or calls.

Eventually cutting state aids for apple and for network providers of EU industry for telecommunications, is something we all are looking forward to seeing soon. Main difference between United States of America and “United States of Europe” is… Europe ( EU ) have terrorism threats to worry about as well as nazi-fascists ( most countries or member states with catholic background in EU )… or nazi-fascists “mafia” and rackets we all ought to watch out for, and even more so these days  when  considering a far too laid back immigration law that isn’t even quite in place all around the EU, and then allowing/enabling nazi-fascists “hiring” of the islamic state fighters ( however serving IRA, RED BRIGADES etc. etc. )

Having said so, we also have taken into consideration corruption among police departments and officers and in many of the communist and catholic EU member states, we also have taken into consideration the once DDR communities background ( Eastern Germany and communists ) and those are the very reason why ( in a ” subtle ” and not official way for equal opportunity employer constraints ), catholics will not have a chance ever to be hired by such Union Bureau of Investigation in EU,  and when setting to 35 the minimum age to be hired by UBI.

In relation to wiretaps in the end, a magistrate issuing a warrant and often a notification warrant for the person under investigation, is still mandatory despite rubbish often published by the media .


Discussion on iPhone in Canada – News for Canadian iPhone Users

by Usman on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 – 12:20pm PDT  Andy Cunningham, Steve Jobs’s former publicist and president of the Cun…

m Arch Tom's on Bar N Assm Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass  QUOTE: Cunningham said that Apple should have worked harder to make the debate about the precedent it would set for future government actions to coerce private companies. “You could imagine a situation in China, for example, where the government wants a company to develop a bomb that they don’t want to develop”,

Comment: Cunningham ( or whoever pretends to be Cunningham ) made a lot of rubbish ” talk ” !
A) it’s two different and separate matters ( unlocking iPhone for FBI investigation on s. bernardino shooting, and developing backdoors for FBI future investigations )

B) a company ( even chinese company ) works for making profit ( excl. No Profit Org. ) and no one can blame a company then for building a bomb, when the same company get well paid by the government and a government legitimated by a parliament in that nation where building a bomb is not illegal. int’l agreements and treaties may also apply to STOP the manufacturing of nuclear weapons, and agreements and treaties between several different governments of different nations however, agreements and treaties subject to relevant signed ” terms and conditions ” ( although conditions may always change over time. ) For EU bloc in addition, EU parliament in Brussels is the organism that legitimates local paliament in a member state, a member state parliament then legitimates local goverments and departments however, investigations by EU commission and other EU organisms may end up with EU parliament in brussels STOP from legitimating a member state parliament, upon anomalies and discrepancies of local government and departments law enforcement ( the latter events initiating procedures for EU member state EXIT and for missing pre-requisites: Democracy )

C) the precedent was established already: a “doorman” ( Apple ) has the key to “unlock the door” ( or an iPhone ) for searching a “dwelling” ( or an iPhone content ), FBI agents hold a valid search warrant signed by a legitimate authority ( judge; magistrate; prosecutor; state legal attorney…  etc etc ) “


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