É Q holes


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Bye Bye EU – WELCOME Asia And The Far East



An epidemic spreading by means of unknown medium yet
– Investigations are still in progress and research however shows evidence, these events are likely consequences of poor immigration control Continue reading “Bye Bye EU – WELCOME Asia And The Far East”

Apple , Bob-Kupbens for Online Retail Team



right now i suspect on-line retail apps (i.e: incl. Apple iTunes store’s and Apple App store’s) , aren’t legally covered by copyright or patents registration ( for apple is not registering copyright or patents for apps with any int’l organization for copyright and patents registration management) nor they are imported/exported to the E.U after import/export tax payment. In fact developers submitting apps to on line retail staff members and Apple companies Continue reading “Apple , Bob-Kupbens for Online Retail Team”

Email Sent To Publisher of iOS Games Apps

SuperCell (publisher for iOS game apps)

hi !

how do You relate to someone who doesn’t like games ?  ( games just get on me nerves )

as a writer and monitoring the mobile industry and mobile platforms apps, i came across Your business name being one of the publishers for mobile platform games and unlike individual developers submitting to apple app store staffs , apps with no real and authentic copyright registration (i.e: registered with int’l copyright and patents management organization) i convinced myself You may actually submit regular copyrighted game apps Continue reading “Email Sent To Publisher of iOS Games Apps”