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 A XL-ant LOCATION and resort however, rocks replacing dark unpleasant sand currently on nearby beaches, is urgent matter. Outstanding members of staff ( buffet buzz boys; cleaning  team; mini-market; reception;  ) when performing daily duties nevertheless
reservation manager and administration were often  misusing the PROTOCOL ( EU standard ), while making no mention of a missing payment and then making SEVERE MISTAKES.

At the time of booking, we made both  additional  booking and credit card payment for a very LAST NIGHT with pre-paid tariff and BB BOARD, the card wasn’t charged then and the VISA payment system did not return error messages. Matter of fact we were not notified  until very last day and in spite of plenty of opportunities were given to the reservation manager, to mention Visa card payment system failure and still sending out a confirmation email for pre-paid booking. No mention of a missing payment was made ever and to allow US the time to verify both bank and credit card statements, ” looking-up ” for the missing transaction and to also avoid  opportunities for money laundering tasks occurring when paying by cash. A accountant then coming across he was waiting for money ( is he maybe a Russian or a Irish beggar ? ),  and US instead ( clients and customers ) were getting across like if we were a rude public administration of an Italian government ( i.e: that’s also delaying payments and often for more than  18 months delay .)

A resort where You are likely to get through your holiday without even noticing the type and nationalities of fellow guests. Greeks then can still DO run tourism industry business, it’s worthwhile however verifying Greeks got paid the full amount last year, when Euros 80B got paid by EU administration, and to allow Greece staying part of EU.

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catholic from: ie; it; pl; es/hispanics annoying all of US and causing symptoms similar to depression

old sIT/sIEt connection(s) annoying US then affecting US with persistent anger (anxiety), a resulting condition following frauds targeting consumers.

(see also:  important-notice – UPDATED Apr. 24th 2016)

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symptoms of unknown sickness, and catholics often annoying when tricking or causing depression symptoms

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Dear David,

if you were to spare some more time analyzing recent events and linked to or in connection with terrorism acts, you would clearly see and understand there is a on-going war already with confused mental and moral qualities, and mixed-up interests too. Continue reading “Sherlock Holmes© & Ms. Marple© llc Powered by Agatha Christie”

previously on ‘ Blogging or Not Blogging ‘, more unwanted chemicals, drugs and medications

following new, recent and additional events confirming catholics taking aggressive actions against capitalism world, and catholics with intentions to harm and threaten citizens with weapons
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Bye Bye EU – WELCOME Asia And The Far East



An epidemic spreading by means of unknown medium yet
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The Advantage Of A Messed Up EU

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